User Adoption and Your CRM

Having been involved in implementations for over 30 years, I’ve learned ‘Go-live’ is not the ultimate objective. Implementation is just a set of constructs that allow for management of disparate tasks, budgets, timelines and quality standards. We might implement a pristine system ready for use, but experience significant resistance to fully realizing the value of the system being implemented. Given that, perhaps the goal we should strive for is full adoption.

Adoption is generally defined as the process by which system users migrate to new systems to accomplish evolving organizational goals. Most often adoption is used to describe usage and acceptance of the new system.

Nirvana in terms of adoptions is, “… when users reach unconscious competency…meaning they willingly use the systems out of familiar routine without threats or bribes of earning blue jean Fridays. Using the system becomes as normal as sending an email…users don’t even think about which application to use; they do it.” (Gary Wise, Author, Story Teller, Performance Advisor/Coach, Speaker, LinkedIn)

There are volumes written on how to succeed with adoption. We are happy to discuss adoption or guide you to materials that will help your CRM project. At Simplesoft, however, we try to distill achievement of adoption down to the following:

  • Senior Leader Champion Involvement - Ensure an active senior leader champion is part of the project. Having a CRO tout the importance of the CRM project and expected ROI helps the project team and end users understand the ‘why’.
  • Model the Behaviors - If an organizational leader, model the behaviors you expect with the new system. Not only will you increase empathy and understanding of what people are facing, you eliminate resistance to change when team members can see you succeed. Note, everyone can be a change agent. Your behaviors will be repeated.
  • Adoption is a Journey - Adoption work should be continuous over time. Adoption can be measured and directly impacts achievement of ROI goals.

CRM projects, and other implementations, can be a significant business advantage for your organization. At Simplesoft we suggest a thoughtful and intentional approach to adoption. Make change management and adoption part of your project plan and a critical success component of your project.

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