Business Optimization

Our team can help optimize your business by connecting different systems and tools to your CRM.

Increasing Efficiencies

Marketing Automation

There is a Marketing Automation solution for Infor CRM  to fit your needs. Whether you are doing monthly email newsletters and surveys or want fully integrated web form response, lead scoring, and event management, we have a solution to fit your needs.

Inbox Guru

From basic email marketing needs to sophisticated marketing automation requirements, Inbox Guru will provide a powerful yet cost effective solution.


Get full visibility into your sales pipeline in real time. Get an up-to-the-minute view of your entire sales pipeline on a clean, visual dashboard.

Sales Fusion

Salesfusion is a SaaS marketing automation solution that provides enterprise-level marketing technology for Infor CRM users.

Integrating Systems

By integrating core applications together across the enterprise, along with the business processes between those applications, our customers are able to streamline those processes and experience the efficiencies and reduced operating costs that they expect and require to remain competitive.

Infor ION

Infor ION brings you visibility to your customers by integrating your CRM and ERP. This integration helps companies view actionable insights in a single view.

BPA Platform

BPA Platform enables you to automate processes and integrate business systems quickly and easily. Its innovative drag and drop technology removes the need for coding to ensure your business achieves its true potential with minimal effort.


Inaport maximizes and leverages your Infor CRM system through comprehensive data transformation and integration. Easy and efficient to use, Inaport enables Infor CRM users to import and export data so that it can be creatively manipulated, organized, completed, and de-duplicated for consolidated enterprise data.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics are critical to the day to day operations of your company but are often only available weekly or monthly via complicated reports. Timely business decisions require access to key performance indicators at all levels of your organization.


Birst® is a cloud business intelligence (BI) tool and business analytics software platform that helps organizations understand and optimize complex processes in less time than traditional solutions. Built with patented automation and machine learning technologies, Birst’s "networked BI" approach connects teams and applications across the enterprise via a trusted network of analytics and insights. You get a comprehensive view of your business to make smarter decisions.

Advanced Analytics

Infor CRM Advanced Analytics is a powerful, yet easy to learn and use interactive analytics solution that enables you to increase organizational and customer intelligence, shape strategic priorities and make informed business decisions.

Infor Dashboards

Infor CRM Dashboards are built in and provide sales and sales management a single location for timely and accurate sales reporting information critical to your success, such as top opportunities, closed deals, and other key indicators.

Crystal Reports

Infor CRM includes the powerful Crystal Reports tool with more than 70 standard report for sales, marketing, service and support to provide insight into your business. In addition to the pre-built reports, create whatever view into the data your organization needs with the extensive custom reporting capabilities of Crystal Reports

Perform MFG

Perform MFG has connected Account Planning with Revenue Performance inside of Infor CRM at the Account level and at the Salesmen/Territory level. This solution is perfect for Manufacturers who sell through distributors, manufacturers reps or direct.

Workflow Alerts

Workflow and Notification Alerts can help your business operate more effectively with less hands on intervention; lowering costs, allowing you to operate with less resources, and still staying in contact with customers at critical times in the sales cycle.


Infor CRM KnowledgeSync is a comprehensive notification and alerts software tool. KnowledgeSync lets you define the critical business conditions and it will monitor your data pro-actively and automatically send business alerts when conditions are met.


These  productivity solutions represent some of the most useful and requested 3rd party tools for Infor CRM.


Pacejet seamlessly connects you to every part of your shipping ecosystem ensuring you get the best rate possible on every shipment, every time, with fewer clicks.


Paribus for Infor CRM identifies matching and duplicate information within your CRM database or between different data sources.


PowerEntry for Infor CRM SLX improves the accuracy of your data entry and provides duplicate record management at point of capture, PowerEntry for Infor CRM SLX delivers simple processes so you can reduce human error in data entry and improve external data capture.

DYMO Label Printing

Simplesoft's DYMO Label Printing add-in for Infor CRM provides a simple and quick method of printing address labels for individual contacts, Leads, or Groups of either. It also supports printing return address labels automatically with each address label printed


For companies that need to track more than just customer relationship information, TimeLinx Web, LAN and Mobile editions extend Infor CRM through the entire Customer and Project lifecycle.

Learn how Simplesoft can make Infor CRM an integral business system and a competitive advantage for your organization.