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Top 5 reasons sales teams reject CRM

There is a constant struggle for leadership to drive user adoption of CRM. We find the biggest struggle is with the sales team and this is usually because they haven’t been shown the value of effectively using a CRM tool. Most top performing sales professionals see the value of utilizing this sales tool.

Let’s take a look at some of the common road blocks we hear the sales team say:

“I have been selling for years just fine.” The seasoned sales professional is sometimes the toughest to bring onboard with CRM technology. They often see the tool as a waste of time because they, “already know how to sell”. CRM isn’t about teaching you how to sell or making the sale for you. So be sure to show how it can help you sell more without working harder. Activity Management is one of the best ways to get a sales person comfortable with CRM and show how it helps them sell more. Stop using post-it notes covering your desk or pads of paper all over your car. Simply open up your laptop, tablet or even mobile device, and have a complete customer profile in your hand. Reminders will auto populate that it’s time to call the prospect back on the quote you sent. Get you mobile phone out and see what leads or customer are within five miles of where you are so you can fit in more sales calls efficiently.

“It takes to long, I don’t have time for CRM.” The key here is TRAINING! You can’t just train one time and send the sales team out there. Technology is about committed regular use. You know the saying… use it or lose it! Make sure to have regular team trainings to show them tips and tricks to get faster at using the tools. Be sure to set them up for success with default settings and group creations for faster access, especially on the mobile client.

“I want a personal relationship with my customers.” This is absolutely key to a great customer experience and you want your sales team focusing on their customers. A big part that’s missing is how CRM can help create and foster an even better relationship with the customer. CRM can track and remind you of critical customer data such as, service lifecycles, purchase anniversaries, bid deadlines, contract expirations, and more. Now, the team will never drop the ball and forgot check-ins and follow-ups. They can walk into a customer site fully prepared and make a lasting impression.

“I have no idea what to do in it besides look up my customer contact information.” Ok, this goes back to all the items mentioned above, especially training. Showing sales team members the benefits of using CRM to better engage and follow-up on potential sales will help them see the value in using it. If left untrained and with no clear expectations of what they need to do in there, they simply won’t use it for anything more than a virtual rolodex.

To recap, here’s the top 5 things to start doing:

1. Train them properly and often
2. Give them clear expectations
3. Use CRM as a Leader
4. Show them the benefits of CRM
5. Have them gather customer intel

The best thing you can do to help your team be successful with CRM is to remove the roadblocks. So start the year off right and make a plan to create success in CRM!

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