Webinar Recap - Infor CRM SLX v9.2.9 New Features!

On Wednesday, March 27, we hosted a webinar on Infor CRM SLX v9.2.0 - new features and updates. The webinar featured live demos from Infor Consultant Ed Heinsius and Simeplesoft’s Don Menrisky. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Customer Journey - This has been the evolution of something that has been in the product for a while. Similar to the opportunity sales process journey, the customer journey provides tools for guided selling (steps for the team to get through a sales cycle). Now Infor CRM customers can create a customer journey like the opportunity sales process (attach to a workflow, create activities, mail merge a thank you letter, etc.). Additionally, you will be able to see what stage of the journey the customer is on, and look at a comprehensive dashboard to see what stage all your customers are in on their journey.


  • SpeedSearch - This functionality has been in all previous versions, but has been significantly updated to include the ability to select which indexes to use right away, including your most frequently used indexes, making it easier to decide what you want to search. Additionally, type ahead is a new function as well as the ability to include 10 indexes per entity. 


  • Administration Capabilities - The following administrative tools are now available for use on the web, instead of having to remotely connect to the server:some text
    • View logged in users
    • Activity realignment - you can now transfer ownership of an activity easily
    • License Management - you can add and view your current and expired licenses
    • Create and define the auto-assign for tickets

For a more comprehensive overview, check out the demos from the webinar. You can view the full recording below. If you need help upgrading to the latest version of Infor CRM SLX, let us know and we’d be happy to work with you!

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