Version 9.1.0

Infor CRM What's New! v9.1.0


Infor has released the newest version Infor CRM v9.1.0. This version is a culmination of all new features and functionality including the upgrade safe customization platform. Where v8.5.0 gave us the platform to provide the upgrade safe, this version wraps that functionality along with a more robust management of the ‘safe’ layering of the changes in your CRM. V9.1.0 takes us to the next level for stability and resources. We highly recommend this v9.1.0 release as it addresses some of the programming rebuild pain from v8.5.0.

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All changes with Infor CRM are cumulative so if you upgrade to v9.1.0 you are also receiving all the fantastic enhancements from every version in between.


Added Main Views

-       History List view is now a main view

  • Allows for filters and groups like other main views
  • Dashboard functionality increases with the ability to create custom groups and filters


Feature Changes

-       Lead Source (account, opportunity, lead) is now a drop-down list instead of a lookup

-       The Quote and Sales Order detail views now include a Closed Date field.

-       On the Opportunity, Quote and Sales Order detail view Products tab you can now reorder the product line numbers using Move Up and Move Down buttons.

-       When adding or editing Opportunity, Quote and Sales Order products, you can now associate product parts with a product. Product parts are included with the product without any impact to the price.


Business Process Workflow and Reporting

-       Dashboards can now be shared with departments in addition to users and teams.

-       In the Web Client, advanced users with permissions can now create calculated fields with an aggregation (average, count, min/max, sum) that can calculate and display rollup information.

-       New step action types for CRM Workflow

  • Changes Include:

                - Approve, Branch, Business Rule, Create Activity, Create Entity, Create History, Send Email, Start Workflow, Stop Workflow, Test Condition, Update Entity

-       The new CRM Workflow Designer tab provides a new user interface for creating, editing, and managing CRM workflow steps, including new step types.

Technical Management and Additional Development Tools no win the Web Client

-       The ability to start and stop the Job Service from the Web Client Job Manager. Common tasks have been added to Stop Job Service when it is running and Start Job Service when it is stopped.

-       The Developer Tools menu adds the ability for administrators to manage deployments, schema, log viewing in the web client

-       Back Office Integration updates:

  • CSI based price service support

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