Infor Version 9.2 New Features & Updates

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Infor CRM SLX 9.2 for Infor cloud and on-premises customers. This release provides several functional, user interface and technical improvements.

Release highlights include:

  • Customer Journey Tracking on Contact, Account, Opportunity, and Lead for custom sales process stages and steps
  • Graphical view of the Customer Journey
  • Fully configurable from the Administration menu

  • Updated SpeedSearch interface for improved usability and performance
  • Drop down configuration of entity search from the main search box

  • Type ahead in the search box

  • New results view groups by entity

  • Pricing support for unpromoted accounts - ERP Integration

  • Real-time pricing availability - ERP Integration
  • Can lock and secure an item to prevent going into a back order situation
  • Pricing availability warehouse lookup is very fast

  • Crystal Reports updated to latest version

  • Additional Administrative capabilities on the web:
  • Activity Re-alignment tool
  • View Logged in Users
  • CRM License Management
  • Ticket Auto Assignment

  • Ability to manually start a Workflow via our REST interface

  • SQL Native Client has been replaced with the Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server to support SQL Server 2022

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