Version 9.0.0
  • Usability - Updated, Evolving UX (Modern UI)
  • Colors and Themes
  • List View KPIs
  • Account and Contact Images
  • Company Logo
  • New Dashboard Widgets: Group List and Bubble Chart
  • E-mail Attachments and Library Files
  • Lookups (Search across phone numbers and e-mail addresses)
  • New Log Menu - Create Notes, Completed Meetings, etc.
  • Territory Realignment in the Web Client (Administration)
  • Mail Merge Word Add-in Improvements
  • Ability to Merge Contacts in the Account Contacts tab

Usability - Modern UI

Improving readability, modernizing the UI and allowing for more user configuration with themes.

  • Less wasted whitespace
  • Content called out for better readability
  • Labels above content for better localization
  • Required data highlighted before saving
  • Controls for entering data are visible when hovered over
  • Theme able

  • User preferences
  • Easily change color schemes
  • Icons available on Contacts and Accounts
  • New Card view on Contact detail

List View KPIs

Adding valuable metrics to list views

  • Large selection
  • Configurable
  • Side by side metrics
  • Trends
  • Total, Averages, Ranges, etc.

Supported Entities:

  • Account
  • Opportunity
  • Quote
  • Sales Order
  • Ticket
  • Contract
  • Return

Account and Contact Images, Company Logo

  • Drag and drop to add Account and Contact images
  • Simple to add a company logo, replacing the Infor logo in the upper left corner

New Dashboard Widgets

Group List
A group list widget displays a list of records in a group. For more information, see the Web Client help topic "Working with a Dashboard Group List widget"

Bubble Chart
A bubble chart uses bubbles or circles to show the relationship between 3 or more metrics. For more information, see the Web Client help topic "Working with a Dashboard Bubble Chart widget"

E-mail Attachments and Library Files

  • Send via email icon on Attachments tab and the Library, attaches the selected file to an e-mail
  • The e-mail (.eml) file pops up in the users browser’s download notification area

           - Microsoft Edge - upper right corner

            - Google Chrome - lower left corner


Lookups (Search across phone and e-mail addresses)

  • The Contact/Lead lookups now support searching across all phone numbers and email addresses
  • One selection for Phone will search all phone fields (Work, Home, Mobile, etc…)
  • One selection for e-mail will search all the e-mail fields of the contact or lead

New Log Menu - Complete Meetings, Calls, etc.

  • New Log menu to quickly log a phone call, meeting, or to-do as a history item, or create a note
  • Logging an activity to history from this menu opens the Complete Activity view
  • Access to this menu must be granted by the administrator

            - Secured action: Toolbar/Log

Territory Realignment in Web Client (Administration)
There are some differences between the Territory Realignment in the web client and the LAN Administrator:

Web Client

  • Record selection using Accounts list view:

            - Groups (all types)

            - List view filters

            - Allows selection of individual records

  • Cannot realign Activities and Processes


  • Record selection based on:

            - Groups, but not ad hoc Groups

            - Owner or Account Manager lookups

  • Options to also realign:

            - Activities

            - Processes

Mail Merge Word Add-in Improvements

  • When output to e-mail there is a new From option to specify the e-mail address from which the merged e-mail will be sent. By default, it is the e-mail address for the logged in user.
  • On the Mail Merge Complete dialog:

            - Failed Records section listing records that failed to merge (including a reason for the failure)

            - Create Failed Merge Group button. Creates a Group containing the Contacts or Leads that failed to merge. The Groups is named:             "MM Issues - MM-DD-YY"

Additional UI Screen Shots

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