Version 8.5.0 and Version
  • Upgrade Safe Customizations (Application Architect)
  • New Dashboards & Group Dimensions
  • CRM Workflow Improvements (Web Only)
  • New Mail Merge Replacement (Web Only)
  • Quotas & Forecasting (Web Only)
  • Miscellaneous Improvements

v8.5.0.x: Upgrade Safe Customizations (Application Architect)

  •  ‘Seamless upgrades’, meaning:  

            – CRM model is locked down

            – Customizations are unaffected by future updates

            – Upgrades to the next release are quick, easy and hassle free

            – No need to re-analyze custom form changes

  •  Automatic upgrades available with customizations in the Cloud
  • 64-bit Application Architect support. Greatly improves performance

v8.5.0.x: New Dashboards & Group Dimensions

  •  Ability to add multiple data sources/sets for some widget types
  •  New, configurable graphical widgets, including: Funnel, Gauge, Donut
  •  Zoom and drill
  •  Filter Pie Charts, bar charts, Line Charts, and more to isolate data sets
  •  New dimensions to easily see data from This Week, Last Week, Last Month, Last Year, YoY, and more!

v8.5.0.x: CRM Workflow Improvements (Web Only)

  •  Get notifications straight to your e-mail inbox when critical events or data changes
  •  Easily configure notification rules in a matter of minutes
  •  Bulk e-mail distribution groups and get ahead of shipping delays
  •  Approve discounts created from a notification with links embedded in your e-mail
  •  New review and approval process includes:

            – Individual or group approval processes

            – Configurable approval criteria

            – Escalation support

            – An updated template editor with numerous enhancements

v8.5.0.x: New Mail Merge Replacement (Web Only)

  •  New server-side Mail Merge engine
  •  Ability to merge directly from the Web Client from any supported browser
  •  Easily merge and create Quote or Order templates
  •  Create your own templates easily with the new Web drag and drop interface
  •  Now supports mail merge with Contacts associated with Quotes, Sales Orders, Tickets, Contracts, and Returns, in addition to Accounts and Opportunities

v8.5.0.x: Quotas & Forecasting (Web Only)

  • Ability to establish Quotas for all sales reps
  •  Visibility to current and future Opportunity forecasts
  •  Live tracking against defined quota, i.e., am I going to get my commission?!?
  •  What-if snapshot view (daily, weekly, monthly)
  •  Automatic calculations based on sales period
  •  Ability to add or remove Opportunities (Detail)


v8.5.0.x: Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Added Microsoft Office 64-bit support for the Windows client
  •  The Account detail view Contacts tab now displays Status and Preferred Contact information
  •  Contact lookups are now filtered to exclude inactive Contacts
  •  Inactive Products can no longer be added to Opportunities, Quotes, or Sales Orders


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