Case Study

We were able to help SK&T Integration by taking a very small piece of the existing CRM, and making a massive improvement in the business processes by creating the Simplesoft Asset Management module.

About SK&T

Simplesoft has been a partner with SK&T since 2016, and recently completed a custom project to assist with asset management. SK&T provides barcode solutions through hardware, software, as well as labels and supplies to assist businesses with tracking their assets.

The Challenge

SK&T approached Simplesoft in 2022 with a challenge - their out of the box asset management software was not as robust as they needed it to be. SK&T needed their Infor CRM to track all assets for business - warranties, contracts, location, asset ownership, etc. Assets for businesses can come in a bulk list, and SK&T had to manually enter the information on those assets into the existing CRM database.

The Solution

Trying to manually manage that list was not manageable - so Simplesoft created the Asset Management module, which was installed seamlessly with the existing CRM. Through this module, the asset lists can be imported all at once, saving hours of manual data entry.

The Impact

Simplesoft took a very small piece of the existing CRM, and made a massive improvement in the business processes for SK&T by creating the Simplesoft Asset Management module, which was custom created saving them hours of time to focus on what they do best. Since creating this solution, Simplesoft has also implemented this custom product for two other clients.

From SK&T “We enjoyed collaborating with Simplesoft on this project. They listened to our issues, took time to understand our unique business needs, and came up with/implemented a great system. This has been a game changer for how we operate and has alleviated a lot of operational inefficiencies.”

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No Expiration

With streamlined customer data management and improved communication within the organization, Ghent increased efficiencies in sales, marketing, and customer service operations. The CRM enabled teams to work more productively and make data-driven decisions.

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Lowered Costs

The automation of various processes such as lead management, customer follow-ups, and data entry reduced manual labor costs, resulting in significant cost savings for the organization.

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Competitive Edge

The CRM system helped Ghent to provide personalized and timely service to its customers, enhancing their experience and building brand loyalty. By leveraging the insights gained from the CRM, Ghent was able to identify market trends and customer needs, enabling them to develop targeted marketing campaigns and stay ahead of their competitors