Case Study
Meridian Bioscience

We were able to help Meridian save time and money by implementing Infor CRM.

About Meridian

Meridian Bioscience is a fully integrated life science company that manufactures and distributes a broad range of innovative diagnostic test kits and offers biopharmaceutical enabling technologies to quickly and accurately detect some of the most common infectious diseases.

The Problem

Sales operations spent 30+ hours a week gathering and analyzing data for weekly reporting. Data was a challenge due to multiple systems and reporting tools within the organization. Additional analysis of data was required due to management’s challenge of data validity.

The Solution

We replaced the outdated and challenged reports with a business intelligence tool using Infor CRM and Infor Advanced Analytics proactively looking for trends and presenting real time metrics of closes, placements, and opportunities. Infor Advanced Analytics is the view into the business adopted by the whole organization.

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$62,000 Saved Annually

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6 month ROI

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75% Improved Cycle Time