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Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is about acquiring, developing, and retaining profitable, loyal customers. CRM is a core element in any customer-centric business and is strengthened by a focus on four key areas: Strategy, People, Processes, and Technology. Selecting the right business consulting and technology... More


Infor CRM SLX Mobile

While users have been able to access basic contact details on devices for some time, truly mobile CRM is a new frontier that holds great potential to significantly transform the way mobile users can connect to and interact with business-critical information-driving revenues, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Today's front-line, mobile field professionals are finding themselves... More


Xbar for Microsoft Outlook

The Xbar places rich CRM functionality directly within the Outlook environment. The vast majority of us spend the bulk of our day working in Microsoft Outlook, which has our contacts, calendar, tasks, as well as email communications in one place. , Outlook can't do everything for us, especially when it comes to managing... More

Marketing Automation

There is a Marketing Automation solution for Infor CRM SLX to fit your needs. Whether you are doing monthly email newsletters and surveys or want fully integrated web form response, lead scoring, and event management... More

System Integration

Companies are always looking for ways to lower costs, increase efficiencies across the enterprise, and realize a greater return on investment from their software initiatives. First and foremost, we believe software is a tool to help support... More

Workflow & Alerts

Workflow and Notification Alerts can help your business operate more effectively with less hands on intervention; lowering costs, allowing you to operate with less resources, and still staying in contact with customers at critical times in the... More

Business Analytics

Business Analytics are critical to the day to day operations of your company but are often only available weekly or monthly via complicated reports. Timely business decisions require access to key performance indicators at all levels of your... More

About Simplesoft Solutions, Inc.

Simplesoft Solutions, Inc. is a customer relationship management (CRM) business consulting and software development firm in Cincinnati/Dayton OH and Charleston WV surrounding areas. We provide implementation, integration, development and training for Infor CRM SLX (formerly Saleslogix). We have built our business on an ability to creatively adapt CRM to meet the varying needs of our customers' businesses. We have been helping our customers develop stronger relationships with their customers through improved sales, marketing, customer service, and support processes since 1994. More...

CRM Infor CRM SLX (formerly Saleslogix)

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  • "I worked with SalesLogix/Sage team on several projects that varied from regular support tickets to very complex and sophisticated system enhancements. The team is very professional and excellent to work with in addition to being prompt in responding to requests and inquiries. The team's creativity in finding solutions to complex issues is truly impressive." - Joseph Poulous,
    Senior Financial Systems Manager
  • "We are now running our Monday forecast meetings right out of Saleslogix by reviewing project Opportunities and their current status. We used to manually update spreadsheets, print them, and then make multiple copies for each attendee at every meeting (time and money saved by eliminating this weekly process)." - Rhonda MacDonald,
    CRM Administrator
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