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Infor CRM Xbar is dependent on specific URLs in the settings and configuration.  If you make any change to the web client URL for Infor CRM, you will have users reporting their Xbar or Outlook is no longer communicating and getting an error.  This issue will appear even when the user can still log in to the web client due to a web page redirect.

If you are an Infor Cloud customer your URL has changed or will be changing as they re-brand Saleslogix to Infor CRM.   If your Xbar has stopped working and your URL information has changed this may be the culprit.  The web client OLD URL will be accessible for 14 days after the change utilizing a website redirect.  Xbar will not function correctly with that redirected URL.

For cloud users that were recently migrated to the new URL, you were sent an email informing you of that change to connect to the website along with some desktop manager and Outlook connector changes.  These too are impacted by any URL change, but the one item that was missed as part of the integration changes was the Xbar configuration.

When you first installed the Xbar you were shown the initial log-in screen for Xbar. ¬†But what if you need to change the URL information and its not showing like the initial login screen but you are getting a connection error? ¬†By clicking on the SETTINGS button on the Xbar (highlighted yellow below) you can open the configuration settings and review the URL’s used by Xbar.

The published changes for the cloud customers are as follows: (http or https)

o   If your current URL is:
o   Your newly changed URL will be:

The Service URL field will be the link you use to connect to the web client with the /slxclient replaced with /sdata
The Client URL field will be the link you use to connect to the web client with the /slxclient

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