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Have you ever looked through an account or contact attachment tab and found a huge amount of small image files?  These files can include those pesky signatures that clog up the attachment tab on accounts, the cute pictures someone adds to an email, or they can even be a stationary layer in emails.  The way they are engineered causes a long list of worthless 1-5 kb images, such as .jpg or .gifs that you have to wade through to get to the actual attachments. Well, be assured, there is a way to omit those attachments from accumulating going forward.

Attachment formats in Infor CRM (Saleslogix)

Saleslogix v7.5.2 -8.1.0

As with anything else, there are pros and cons to both settings showing here in the Send SLX area. We recommend setting the attachments as individual files for the best use of the Send SLX function.

If you choose Save attachments as individual files:

All attachments and embedded pictures in the email will be saved as individual files and the bottom of the history file will contain the names of those attachments.

If you choose Save attachments with e-mail message :

You will no longer see the individual attachment files for the emails that are integrated with the Send SLX button. The email (attachment) will contain all links and images contained within the single file.  You will have to open that email attachment to retrieve any saved attachments or embedded files.

The history of the email will NOT change with either option. It will still show in the notes/history tab as before.


Settings for file sizes and types

Infor CRM v8.1.0

With the release of Infor CRM v8.1.0, and the changes in the Outlook integration, you can now manage the file size and type in the settings options. Here you set up your system with the most efficient settings to avoid those little signature or background stationary from Outlook.  Click on the ‘Options’ button on your Outlook tool bar (Outlook 2013). Then click on the Send SLX/Record to History navigation on the left side of your options window.

To adjust the ‘Minimum image attachment size to ignore’. -We recommend 20 kb or less.

Below that you will see a setting to completely ‘Ignore specific file names’.  This setting can cause issues as it literally ignores ANY file of this name even if it surpasses the size limit you have set.

BUT, there is a positive side to this setting. Common File names can be exact names of files that you KNOW you do not want to attach to a record. This can be used if you receive emails where you have identified specific file names that you do not want to record.  A good example is stationary in Outlook. Infor CRM sees that as a separate attachment.  To eliminate that to be saved for every email you can add that item here as: image001.gif. (Outlook saves stationary as image001.gif files)

Wildcards (like *.gif) will completely ignore ANY AND ALL files that are .gif files regardless of size or name.


For earlier versions, you will have to manipulate the registry files as below to eliminate certain file sizes or types.

Saleslogix v8.0.0 and Prior Settings for file sizes and types:

If your company email, or an email that is recorded in Saleslogix, has an image as part of the standard Outlook signature, the slmn.dll will try and attach it every time you send an email using Send SLX. To prevent this from happening, create the following registry keys on each machine.


– (String or integer). The Size (in bytes) of the image (JPEG, JPG, BMP, and GIF) to ignore. Graphics files below this value will be ignored and a user will only be prompted if there are other files of a larger size.


– a list of files to ignore. These should be separated by semi-colon. You can use * and ? as wildcards. The files matching the criteria will be ignored. E.g. “*.jpg; signature.gif” This can be applied to all file types and not just images.

Items that you do not want to omit are: .png, .msg, .xls, .pdf, .doc, .txt, to name a few.

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