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Dear Paul,

We are having trouble with remote client changes making it “to/from” the remote client during the Synchronization process. Do you have any suggestions for troubleshooting the process?

Yes. Many times synchronization issues can be due to configuration settings or permissions. A good place to start is figuring out where the change files are breaking down and working to resolve from there.  The following is a procedure for figuring out where the change files are failing to move properly. Sometimes an unexpected reboot of servers can cause issues.

How to “follow the TEF” from remote to Synchronization server:

Remote client Computer tasks


1. Start on the remote side and already synced up

2. Make sure the remote sync is off and set the Sync Options to not ‘Send changes’

3. Have the remote create an account, let’s say ‘XYZ Corporation’ for generic tracking

– Identify the AccountID on the Detail tab

– confirm it is saved etc. (F5/Shift-F5)

4. Confirm the TEF file created and review in TRNVIEWER if needed

5. Confirm the size of the file and name and make a copy if needed. (Preferred)

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SalesLogix\Sync\Outfiles


Main Office Computer tasks


6. Place the synchronization server service on pause or stop (Preferred)

– Reset option to ‘Send changes’ on the Remote client

7. Synchronize the Remote client and send changes to the server

8. Confirm the TEF file transferred to the Infiles (FTP/Network) and review in TRNVIEWER if needed

– Confirm the size of the file and name is the same and make a copy if needed

– You can sort by sitecode with the file type to filter by the specific user

9. Cycle the synchronization server manually

10. Confirm/make sure that the new account gets to the host in the client application

Find the Account and confirm the information by the AccountID on the Detail tab

Synchronization Server tasks


11. Confirm that the Account is being sent to other remotes as appropriate (I.E. Team membership or Account Ownership)

– One thought would be to run the synchronization manually and see the new account going to team members

– An additional task would be to confirm the account on an additional remote client

Remote client Computer tasks (Assuming the Account is received on the remote client)


12. Create an opportunity for the Account for number 3 step

13. Repeat the steps, for the following of the TEF files (Steps 6 through 10)

14. On the remote, make updates to the account and opportunity

15. Repeat the steps, for the following of the TEF files (Steps 6 through 10)

– Use history actions, create activity changes, key fields etc.

16. On the remote, make a change to the Phone Number for the account and the Probability field on the Opportunity

17. Repeat the steps, for the following of the TEF files (Steps 6 through 10)

Note: We are looking for symptoms where the TEF files are not being created, moved to another folder, (for example Rejected or Archived),

TEF files with errors, sitecode issues, malformed TEF files etc., Keybase issues with a naming mismatch, or missing files waiting for sequence processing during a synchronization of service.

All the settings need to be set back to the original settings after testing.

How to use the TEF Viewer


Open SalesLogix Transaction Viewer

(Default location is C:\ProgramFiles\SalesLogix\Trnviewer.exe)

Log in as the Admin user

Click the “Foldername” folder and click Open (you can filter to the specific user by choosing them from the bottom dropdown)

Click the TEF in question and click Open

Simplesoft can assist with this process by helping to analyze the TEF files with you.

If you are requesting help from Simplesoft or Saleslogix/Infor CRM, you will need to compress the following files and send with your request:

– syncerrors.txt and log file for the just completed sync from the Host server

– syncerrors.txt and syncstatus.txt text files from the Remote client computer and any Saved TEFs on host  (copy of them before they get processed)

It takes some time to work through this list.  Other testing can be performed as needed.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”
― Albert Einstein

If you would like to discuss upgrading your system, or to see a free demonstration, please contact Simplesoft Solutions.

Remember to check our CALENDAR and register for free training, demo sessions, and the Heartland Saleslogix Users Group Events.

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