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February 17th, 2015 by

The Infor CRM (Saleslogix) product roadmap included integration with Infor ERP solutions shortly after the purchase in September 2014. Who would have guessed it would take ONLY six short months to deliver! Infor revealed the first phase of the integration work at the Americas Partner Summit in San Antonio in early February.

The integration will be rolled out in three planned phases. The first phase will be one way integration from ERP to CRM for five of Infor’s ERP solutions. The five solutions included in the first phase are A+, LN, LX, SXe, and Syteline. The second phase will extend the integration to additional ERP solutions and provide two way integration with the main entities. The third phase will extend the two way integration to additional entities along with Ming.le which is Infor’s collaboration tool. All of this integration is made possible through ION which is Infor’s integration services suite.

Let’s take a look at the incredible amount of information coming in to Infor CRM in this first phase with the Info Roadmap.

There are eight new views and four modified views in this first phase.  The new views included are ION configuration, Bill To, Ship To, Pay From, Invoice, Receivables, Shipments, and Person. The modified user interface views are Account, Contact, Sales Order/Quote, and Return.

Here are some examples of some modified areas:

Account Detail View with New Tabs

Invoice Detail – New User Interface View

According to Aberdeen’s Customer-Centric ERP Integrated System for Customer Satisfaction, businesses with integrated CRM and ERP experience better results. See some of the statistics from the whitepaper below. ¬†You can download the full document here.

We are currently waiting on the official release date for the Infor CRM bundles. Any customers who currently have an Infor ERP solution and would like to discuss the integration with Infor CRM, please contact Simplesoft at You can review a demonstration of the integration in this recorded webinar by Infor entitled ‚Äú1 + 1 = 3. The ERP and CRM Equation.‚ÄĚ Note: The demonstration begins at about 16 minutes into the webinar.

Remember to check our CALENDAR and register for free training, demo sessions, and the Heartland Users Group Events.

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October 21st, 2014 by

If you don‚Äôt have a Sales Process, may I ask what’s the hold up?

Last week¬†we had a training session during the Heartland Users Group event that involved implementing a custom¬†sales process and using it to create a custom web dashboard.¬† Infor CRM‚ĄĘ (Saleslogix) allows custom processes to be created with as many tasks for each stage that is required to fulfill the sales process defined by your company.¬† We, at Simplesoft, are not an advocate of a particular sales process, but we do enable you to utilize any sales process by showing you how to use the Saleslogix tools.

A defined sales process with specific tasks and timing can increase your closure rate and decrease time to close.  Making that sales process user-friendly is the key to buy-in from sales reps.  That’s where Saleslogix can help.

Initiate the process by defining your goals for each Stage and Step in the process.

Does the sales rep need to send a standard email then follow-up with a phone call 2 days later?  You can schedule that in Saleslogix and it takes the guesswork out of the task.  Include a template with a rollover activity set up directly in the process.  The user just selects the contact; the rest is done for them.

What has just happened?  You have regulated the communications to the customer.  The history is recorded in Saleslogix.  Everyone that touches that account knows which contact has received what communication, and what steps are next.  In other words, control.  If you do not have a user-friendly sales process then your processes are only as good as your salesperson. And this is just ONE step in a sales process.

Enter those processes into the Saleslogix tool in the Architect or the LAN client.  Create as many as you need to fulfill your sales strategy.

Release the Sales Process to users.

Here is a sample sales process with Stages and Steps:

Measure and refine.

On the other end of the process is measurement.  Setting a process in place with specific steps is critical but measuring the success of that process is essential for improving.  You can measure the Saleslogix sales process with the Web Dashboards.

The web dashboard is a tool that utilizes filters. As you build a dashboard widget you choose filters to either group or define the widget display.

With a custom process you have to create a new filter for the dashboard so that the web client will display it on the dashboard widgets.  There are a few steps and we recommend you open the standard (Stages) filter under the Saleslogix Entities to review the settings. Notice: This is not a recommended task for everyone. This is written for experienced developers.

  1. Open Application Architect
  2. Project Explorer>Entity Model>Packages>Saleslogix Application Entities>Opportunity>Filters
  3. Open the STAGE filter and review settings.¬† Take note of the ORDER of the stages in the current sales process. Review the properties of the filter (‚ÄėAnalytics Description‚Äô , ‚ÄėAvailable for Analytics‚Äô = True)
  4. Right-Click on the Opportunity Filter folder and ‚ÄėAdd New‚Äô
  5. Enter the fields as needed (similar to the STAGE filter)
  6. Save the filter and you should see it appear in the list under opportunity filters in Application Architect.
  7. Once your items are entered and ready, you will need to do a ctrl build/deploy for the changes to be released to users.
  8. Troubleshooting tips: If the new filter is not showing on your widgets then clear the cache on the browser and/or reset IIS.

If you are interested in more information on Web Dashboard and Sales Processes, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.  The information included in this blog is not intended to be a complete step-by-step process as each dashboard and sales process is unique to each business.

If you would like to discuss upgrading your system, or to see a free demonstration, please contact Simplesoft Solutions.

Remember to check our CALENDAR and register for free training, demo sessions, and the Heartland Saleslogix Users Group Events.

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September 24th, 2013 by

Use KnowledgeSync to help maximize your Saleslogix automation tasks

We have been a partner with Vineyardsoft KnowledgeSync for several years.  The tool known as KnowledgeSync is a great addition to the Saleslogix product family and can benefit your company in several ways.  The implementation is mostly limited by your imagination in deployment and configuration.

There are four core capabilities of the tool:

1. Real-time alert messaging.
2. Dynamic e-mail analysis, response, and processing.
3. Report distribution for Crystal Reports.
4. Monitor Operating environment events.

We will be covering these items and much more in our upcoming Heartland users group meeting.  An investment in KnowledgeSync can provide nearly instant return on investment (ROI) and help to collapse untimely latency for various follow-ups.  We have several published success stories from our customers using KnowledgeSync who have raised the bar on meeting their customer needs and running the business.  We are looking forward to sharing how to help you achieve more while leveraging the Saleslogix platform you already have in place.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
Theodore Roosevelt
26th president of US (1858 – 1919)


Remember to check our CALENDAR and register for free training, demo sessions, and the Heartland Saleslogix Users Group Events.

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May 30th, 2013 by

Business technology today is using the medium of the Internet to ‚Äúblow up‚ÄĚ the business models of yesterday and yester ‚Äúminute‚ÄĚ at a rapid pace.¬† At present, the tablets and mobile devices are making it easier and easier for business people to ‚Äúuse up‚ÄĚ every minute of their existence being online (I even observed a lady playing a game on her mobile device while waiting for a wedding to start. Perhaps a quick game is a cure for micro boredom).¬† So why is the broadband and wireless connectivity making such a business impact and how is it impacting our culture?¬† Connected emerging¬†technologies (cloud, virtual, social, mobile, search, and data) are coming together to be a force multiplier for amazing changes and insights.

There are three main reasons why the world is quickly changing through emerging technologies:  versatile low cost devises, ubiquitous standards, and wide-reaching broadband communications flowing through the hubs of the Internet.  Over the last couple years, the prices of mobile devices and tablets have really plunged, and manufacturers have created powerful digital gizmos with enough variety for both work and personal accomplishments resulting in transformative outcomes.

Speaking of multi-functional tablets, two gentlemen were sitting on the front porch in rocking chairs and the father says to the son, ‚ÄúSon, could you pass me a newspaper?‚ÄĚ The son says to the father, ‚ÄúDad, this is 2013, we don‚Äôt have newspapers anymore.¬†¬† Look this tablet; it has the Internet on it to get your news.‚Ä̬† The son hands over the shiny new tablet to the father.¬† You hear a ‚Äúwhap sound‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúThanks Son! That spider never saw it coming!‚ÄĚ, and hands the tablet back to the son.¬† Well maybe a newspaper has more than one function too!

The mobile consumers have had phones previously designed for just phone calls, which have now morphed into e-mail, cameras, video recorders, and social media enablers, all designed to make our lives better.  Step back and think about it for a moment. That versatile device you have available to you has now eclipsed the wrist watch, the newspaper, the camera, U.S.P.S., maps, plane tickets, GPS, and the hundreds of printed information sheets that we bundled together as an encyclopedia (yes, there is an app/website for just about everything) and  also provides the potential to be better educated than kings and presidents.

None of these delightful machines we have today would be possible without meaningful standards for making it all work.¬† One of my favorite quotes about standards is, “The wonderful thing about standards is that there are so many of them to choose from.” — Grace Hopper. ¬†Yet it is standards that are the backbone enabling all these wonderful tools to be more efficient and effective through connected networks.¬†¬†¬† The networked economy, by way of TCP/IP, has enabled the mobile revolution to explode, and the tablet revolution is coming on strong, if not here today.¬† Young entrepreneurs are using these technologies to get more accomplished than I can imagine.¬† These new devices are now passing up the desktop/laptop in terms of number of people surfing the net worldwide.

Young adults, sometimes called ‚Äúdigital natives‚ÄĚ, have grown up in a digital-only world and do not share the same ideals about craftsmanship as our parents‚Äô generation, nor do they have the same inhibitions for sharing personal information.¬† Do they collect antique clocks, original art, rare stamps, and fine hand-crafted furniture?¬† I think something is being lost in our digital universe.¬† However, I truly believe that the younger generation has an amazing opportunity to have the best of both worlds (analog and digital), but they need to recognize it first.¬† Secondly, it is prudent for the preceding generations to scrutinize the current operating model or be quickly left behind in the digital dust.¬† Business leader Jack Welch said it best, ‚ÄúChange before you have to‚Äú.¬† CRM is one of those digital strategies that can¬†give companies the competitive edge if it is used wisely.¬† Do you need to pivot the operationing condititions or business model in your enterprise?

If we don’t examine our businesses, departments, and careers in light of our competition, who are very willing to pick apart our business, then our dealings will be disseminated with newer and faster ways to accomplish the everyday tasks.  What business models have you seen recently on a slow downward spiral due to emerging technologies?   What advice do you have for graduating young adults to embrace the renaissance period of hand-crafted work, while embracing the shiny electronics of last month?  What are the exciting opportunities to deliver information services in new and efficient ways?  Can you even pull yourself away from your tablet to reflect on these things?

Final thoughts, the business technology points of view in the article are literally the tip of the ‚Äútransformative‚ÄĚ iceberg in the disruptive innovations.¬† Daytonians have always tried to change the way we do things and think about things differently (visit Carillon Historical Park).¬† The Miami Valley is an innovation hotbed that will continue with the “creative destruction” needed to make our companies better and more competitive.¬† So where is your industry headed in your marketplace?¬† Do you have the right automation tools, processes, and talent in place to succeed for 2013 and beyond?


Remember to check our CALENDAR and register for free training, demo sessions, and the Heartland SalesLogix Users Group Events.

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April 18th, 2011 by


To prevent data inconsistencies in Sage SalesLogix we recommend you document the business rules around your usage of CRM.  We have created what we call a QCard (quick card) to record the practical application of Sage SalesLogix to your business processes.  For example, take the Account screen and teach your users how to make changes to pick lists as your relationship with this Account evolves.  Don’t you hate it when you receive mail or email from a company you have been doing business with for several years and they treat you like you are a brand new prospect.  Those kind of mistakes can be eliminated if you will tie the usage of Sage SalesLogix to your business processes.

If you need help converting business processes into action in Sage SalesLogix or you want to conduct some refresher training for your teams, give us a call at 937-885-1204 x3204.

Use this Link to a sample Qcard to document your own usage guidelines.

If you would like to learn more tips or have a CRM topic you would like us to write about please contact Simplesoft Solutions, Inc. in one of our Cincinnati/Dayton (OH), Charleston (WV), or Charlotte (NC) surrounding area office locations:

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