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The Saleslogix Profiler provides a database independent profiling application to trace SQL and performance counters throughout the execution path of the provider. Saleslogix applications (such as the Network Client or Web Client) that use the OLE DB Provider can be traced. The Saleslogix Profiler (SLXProfiler.exe) is located in C:\Program Files\Saleslogix. In earlier versions of Saleslogix, I have had sporadic issues with SLX Profiler not profiling applications correctly.

Here are some quick steps to make sure SLX Profiler is working properly.  For mass data changes and system work, I recommend the work be completed when users are not on the system and after the database has been backed up. It is important to make sure this work is completed when no one is using the Web client.

Tasks to correct SLX Profiler not running right:

Stop IIS (iisreset /stop)
Stop all SLX services/apps
Stop all web related services
Delete the temp file
Then go delete anything in C:\ProgramData\SalesLogix\Profiler.�
Restart SLX services
Start IIS (iisreset /start)
Restart other services

Test the results and see if SLX Profiler can profile the applications/services again.

If you would like to discuss upgrading your system, or to see a free demonstration, please contact Simplesoft Solutions.

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