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December 30th, 2014 by

As a result of our Infor CRM (Saleslogix) support work with clients we have discovered an issue with MS Internet Explorer 10 and using Infor CRM v8x that can be easily fixed. Many customers may not have noticed this issue if they just moved up to MS IE11or still on MS IE 9 but some client environments that standardize on a specific version have had to address. There are several messages that can be received when using Saleslogix and MS IE 10 that appears to be browser related and have been linked to a specific add-on.  Please review the error messages we have encountered, if your experience is similar, try this simple fix to remove the browser add-0n as a potential resolution.

1. “The message received from the server could not be parsed. Common causes for this error are when the response is modified by calls to Response.Write(), response filters, HttpModules, or server trace is enabled.”

2. We’re sorry, you have encountered an error. If applicable, please try again. HTTP Status: Internal Server Error (500). SLX Error ID:SLXDC17E1636ADA2023

3. The following SData diagnosed occurred: Description = Failed Operation. Message=no connection could be made because the target machine refused it. HTTP Status: Internal Server Error (500). SLX Error ID: SLX7B1FODAA87ODO6E3

The procedure for disabling the helper in MS IE 10.

Pre-test to confirm the issue:

1.    From Start / All programs / Accessories / system tools / Open Internet explorer (no Add-ons).

2.    Test logging in to the Web client.

3.    NOTE: This will tell you if an add-on is the problem. If it works in No Add-ons mode then follow the next steps.

Action to correct the issue:

1.    Open Internet Explorer.

2.    From the gear control (top right icon) select Manage add-ons.

3.    Change the drop down menu to show all add-ons.

4.    Locate the Saleslogix desktop integration module helper and disable it.

5.    Close out of Internet Explorer.

6.    Reopen Internet Explorer.

7.    Test the results in the web client.

Note:  There could be other potential causes for these errors but the above is a reasonable first step to resolution testing.

I just became one with my browser software. — Bill Griffith

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December 11th, 2014 by

Back in 2010 I wrote an article on Data Management for the Sage Saleslogix community site.  The site changed to Saleslogix community under the hands of Swiftpage and now the portal has moved to be a private community.  I thought it was an appropriate time to repost under our Simplesoft blog to keep the information alive for those who have referenced it or linked to it. 

Nine Practical Strategies for Data Management  

Data quality is one of the core pillars for Customer Relationship Manage­ment (CRM) success. It does not take long to realize when using a CRM tool, like Infor CRM, that the need for data quality management is paramount. The grueling pains of poor data management can range from the costs of inaccurate printing and re­turned mailings to the subtle troubles of us­ers not trusting the data like they should. The effectiveness of customer facing operations (sales, marketing, and support) depends on having clean data. Think of the implications of marketing to customers using inaccurate data and sending them a prospecting letter (maybe you have lived it). The costly mistakes speak for themselves. 

Research studies from the Data Warehous¬≠ing Institute suggest it only takes about four and a half years for a database to become ninety-eight percent ‚Äúbad‚ÄĚ if data is not man¬≠aged properly, and regularly. On-going T.L.C (Tender Loving Care) will keep the data constant, but changes that occur with records when customers move, marry, divorce, pass away, go out of business, etc., render them obsolete quickly. Users can become skeptical of the data and resort to deploying their own data repositories. Of course, no one plans to use a tool where the data is outdated and not trusted. So, what can an Infor CRM¬†Administrator or Data Steward do to ensure high quality data? ¬†

Strategies for Data Success  

First, establish the processes and tools to prevent inaccuracies.  

Tip: We have found it helpful to develop a document to define user policies and pro­cedures to establish data standards. Define the policies and procedures for managing change early before the system is deployed and communicate those policies to the end users of the system.  

Clean up existing data inaccuracies (if they exist).  

Our customers find it helpful to use a data survey checklist that helps you think about areas of review. 

Review critical data suppliers and entry points. Insist they provide accurate and current data. 

Especially important before importing data with G.I.G.O. (Garbage In, Garbage Out) in mind. 

Build in data accuracy by enforcing re­quired fields and pick lists. Also, use script­ing to enforce business rules whenever possible. 

Tip: Focus on the most important data first, especially for mailing and reporting. I am sure you have observed a state field with OH, Oh., OH., Ohio, OH-IO and other variations. This scenario can be easily prevented.  

Don’t be seduced by the promise of CRM data cleanup tools without a plan for pre­vention, too. There is no substitute for pre­venting errors at the source. 

Tip: You can enforce both clean up and pre­vention at the same time with QGate’s Pari­bus and PowerEntry utility.  

Select specific software tools to solve spe­cific problems rather than general tools for general problems. The Groups features is an easy-to-use built-in tool in Infor CRM. 

Tip: There are many built in tools and meth­ods to manage data so spend the time or work with your channel partner to learn them all.  

Assign a data steward (or trustee) to be responsible for each data element (Con­tacts, Accounts, pricing information, etc.). 

Typically, this role is the business process administrator; whereas the power user role manages the data and both should have strong execu­tive support. 

Establish a process through which the accuracy and quality of data in all sys­tems can be reviewed and assured on a reoccurring basis. Schedule regular tasks to review and clean up data, such as on a weekly or monthly basis. The data stew­ard/administrator should be held ac­countable for completing those tasks. 

In the case of multiple systems using the same data, identify a system of ‚Äúofficial record‚ÄĚ. That is, a system in which data will originate and ‚Äúfeed‚ÄĚ other systems that re¬≠quire the data (accounting and sales inte¬≠gration come to mind).¬†

Identify Data Quality Issues in Infor CRM  

Infor CRM administrators can create ad­ministrative Account / Contact / Opportunity Groups for various data segmentation such as missing required fields, duplication of data, and data that needs to be reviewed because the records have not been updated or reviewed, within a specified period of time, such as a six months or a year, for example. 

Infor CRM¬†also includes tools to mass ‚Äėswap‚Äô the content of fields, change values, and merge records. As a standard procedure, first complete the actions in a test environment to verify the steps and desired results. After veri¬≠fying, perform the steps in your production sys¬≠tem.¬†

Tip: Always backup a production database be¬≠fore making mass changes and complete during non-working hours. You also may want to use the built in ‚Äúuser fields‚ÄĚ to mark which records are changing, this will simplify an otherwise irrevers¬≠ible change and provide a temporary audit. ¬†

Cleaning Data Using Infor CRM 

There are some basic built-in tools for managing and de-duplicating data in Infor CRM, which can be supplemented with and enhanced by third-party tools, such as QGate’s Paribus and several other data management solutions. 

Nevertheless, a data management strategy, as outlined above, is required. Some of the data de-duplication tools available in Infor CRM include: 

Administrative Groups ‚Äď groups can be created to help administrators identify and cleanup data issues such as missing data or duplicate data¬†

Check for Duplicates Wiz¬≠ard ‚Äď an automated method of finding and eliminating data duplicates¬†

Merging Records Manually ‚Äď a simple method of merging two or more records from the Group view¬†

Increasing the reliability of CRM data within an organization is priceless. Avoiding costly mis¬≠takes such as targeting a current customer as a new prospect is critical.¬† Now is a great time to review and clean your¬†Infor CRM¬†data. Remember to review and clean existing data, clean the data being entered, and prevent the current data from becoming ‚Äústale‚ÄĚ. Managing data quality is an ever moving target and must be a part of your overall system management strategy.¬†

Data helps solve problems.¬† — Anne Wojcicki¬†

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June 12th, 2014 by

How to flex, stretch and grow your business with the right thinking, tools and Business Partner assistance.

The current operating conditions of business demand that companies move quickly and stay agile to remain viable. This makes business growth a challenge because of the need to simultaneously balance costs with agility.¬† Digital services residing in the cloud are disruptive to most business models yet they can also provide an extreme competitive advantage.¬† It is not easy to anticipate the ever-changing landscape of our world.¬† It was Eric Ries, author of The Lean Start-up, who coined the term ‚ÄúPivot‚ÄĚ to describe how start-up companies are constantly testing and adjusting the offerings of an entrepreneurial business searching for success. See his recent interview on with McKinsey & Company.

Let‚Äôs start with the right thinking to better understand what we are talking about. The basic idea behind “pivoting” is creating business strategies for iteratively searching for repeatable and scalable business models.¬† The concept involves looking at your business model and seeing the business model canvass as an example.¬† Businesses make tweaks by changing and adapting their business to new environments in order to achieve success or continue to be successful.

So what are we not talking about?¬† We are not talking about moving furniture in a narrow hallway while trying to ‚Äúpivot the couch,‚ÄĚ as in this Friends episode (i.e. to move a around a corner).¬† Nor is pivoting trying to make a major transformational strategy change, but rather it is more a series of small changes to keep your strategies updated.¬† For example, if you sell oranges today, tomorrow you additionally sell apples.

To be successful at pivoting, it’s important to work with experts who understand that the simplest changes can yield the greatest results. Simplesoft can help you understand ways to pivot your business so that you can be resilient and flexible with the best CRM-related (Customer Relationship Management) strategic outcomes.  Why not utilize our 20 years of business consulting to help your business become more agile?

So how does making micro changes and pivoting relate to using CRM software in your mature or growing business?  CRM is a business strategy first, and most companies that fail in some way do not fail because of not having a business strategy. Businesses that fail do so by not using CRM to carry out and measure their strategy.  You can’t manage what you don’t measure!

The right tools. The question is, can Saleslogix help a company expand the front office capabilities and help you grow as a company?  Assuming that you have a good market and relevant up-to-date product line and services stack, the resounding answer to this question is yes.  Saleslogix can help you grow.

Let’s focus on the top three front office areas to improve and change and make significant differences in your business tools.

  1. Marketing automation (reach and richness).
  2. Sales automation (process and interactions).
  3. Service automation.

Whether your business is five people or 500 and above, Saleslogix can and will grow with your business.  Saleslogix provides choice of deployment (on premise or cloud) with flexible licenses and types of clients, and gives you the freedom to flex.  The tool set is designed to be changed with customizations.  The options for integration are built into the tool for ensuring your system talks with other systems.   Saleslogix offers state-of-the-art mobile features and cutting-edge analytics for performance monitoring.

When you are a start-up company, a good low-cost enterprise deployment option is using the cloud.  When you are in your growth phase, you are looking for capabilities to further acquire customers and keep customers.   While you are in the strategy period, you need to be constantly reviewing what you should start doing, what you stop doing and what you need to change.

Company/Phase Target CRM Typical Tools
Start-up 0 ‚Äď 10 people SLX Cloud, Office integration
Growth 10 – 50 E-marketing, mobile, Xbar
Scalable 50 – 100 SalesFUSION, KnowledgeSync
Optimized 100 + Sales processes, service automation,  Analytics, integrated systems

The right partner! How does Simplesoft help companies implement the right strategies and tools? We have been in business for coming up on 20 years this summer and we are celebrating Tuesday, July 15th. We have the people, processes, and experience to help you succeed.  We have numerous examples of how we have help dramatically impact the business operations of businesses small, medium and large. Simplesoft can help you!

Meridian Success Story

Iron Horse Success Story

Interbrand Success Story

All businesses need to review their course (strategy) and make sure they are on track.  When a gap is identified, businesses should be prepared to reinvent and reposition the course needed to stay competitive in the marketplace.  As a business strategy tool and enabler, Saleslogix can you help fill gaps in your business by deploying mobile, analytics, cloud tools, etc., and Simplesoft Solutions can help you understand how to create a strategy for tool usage that will grow your business!


‚ÄúThe secret of living is to find…the pivot of a concept on which you can make your stand.‚ÄĚ–Luigi Pirandello

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