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November 29th, 2016 by

Infor hosted¬†a customer focused webinar ¬†to summarize their excellent¬†work with Infor CRM in 2016. Kevin Draggoo, Product Manager for Infor CRM, shared new functionality for each of the areas of Infor CRM and explained that 262 customer requests for features were included in this year’s work so far. Customer and partner input is very important to Infor CRM and it shows in the priority placed on feature requests made by customers. Kevin provided detailed information about all the improvements made in Web, Mobile, Xbar, Dashboards, along with Ming.le.

Included in the most recent service pack (04) of Infor CRM is Contour. Infor CRM Contour is a proximity search and mapping tool. This tool will allow sales and service users to maximize their time on the road. They can search an area for surrounding prospects and customers then map the most efficient travel routes.

Infor CRM Contour - Proximity and Mapping Tool

Infor CRM Web includes the new and more robust Entity Manager which allows the administrative user to add fields, filters, and metrics to any entity. It can also be used for bulk updates and imports. More and more functionality is being brought into the Web for the admin users including Ticket ACI control, and password complexity just to mention a few.

Mobile v3.5 was released early in November and it includes Offline capability with the concept of a Briefcase. You commit the items you need while offline to your Briefcase. The current functionality is read only and the next phase will include read/write ability. There are also several UI enhancements. A special note to current customers, Mobile v3.5 requires v8.2 or higher of Infor CRM.

To review the webinar “Everything New in Infor CRM” use this link. To see a demonstration of the most up to date functionality, register here.

Remember to check our CALENDAR and register for free training, demo sessions, and the Heartland CRM Users Group Events. If you need help upgrading to Infor CRM v8.3.0 or Mobile 3.5.0, let us know! We can assist in a minor capacity or provide all the technical heavy lifting.

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May 10th, 2016 by

Dear Paul,

Our Infor CRM Business Administrator is no longer with our company.  We need to get our new administrator up to speed quickly without disruption to our Infor CRM users.  What topics do you recommend be covered to train our new administrator?

Great question and we have a ready answer.¬† We can schedule Infor CRM Administration training almost anytime.¬† The roles that ‚Äúmake‚ÄĚ up the administrative tasks in the system range in complexity from technical administrator, data steward, power user, to a business administrator.¬† I even have one company where the President is able to perform the administrative tasks with ease.¬† We can help you get to the level that you want to obtain from basics to expert.

Here are the main subject topics to get a new administrator running at a basics level:

  • Administrative Overview
  • User Management and Security
  • Team Management and Security
  • Pick List Management
  • Group Management
  • Data Management

Infor CRM Training for Administrators

First, a good overall review of the administrative tools (LAN and/or web) with an explanation of the tools, and associated roles of the tools, is important.

Next, user management and the various tasks (add, edit, retire, etc.) is a fundamental training area.  This subject includes focus on creating and managing user profiles with an emphasis on security.

Team Management, if you’re using teams, would be an important subject combined with security.

Pick list management and a review of data management principles that corresponds with the proper management of pick lists would be next.

Lookups, groups, and various management tasks are important data segmentation subjects.  In the web, filtering data and managing the data for users.  Slicing and finding data easily is key to user adoption.

Data management tasks is a nice optional learning area.  Subjects covered here are developing training and policy to prevent duplicate data and how to update mass data when changes occur in your company.

There are many other subjects that can be covered but these are the basics to get you moving in the right direction.

Training is an important part of any information system and CRM is no different.  Make sure you provide the training to your administrators and they have the skills and experience to help your front office employees be successful.  Ultimately, we are here to serve you and empower your employees to serve your downstream customers.

” The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

If you would like to discuss upgrading your system or to see a free demonstration, please contact Simplesoft Solutions.

Remember to check our CALENDAR and register for free training, demo sessions, and the Heartland Saleslogix Users Group Events.

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March 9th, 2016 by

Customers and Infor Partners alike attended a demonstration of Infor CRM v8.3 yesterday. Kevin Draggoo, Infor CRM Product Manager, announced the March release date of Infor CRM v8.3. He estimated March 18th but committed to the end of March. This version is packed with new features. Being a long time trainer of Saleslogix (Infor CRM) I get to hear feature requests first hand and some of the new enhancements in v8.3 have been on customer’s wish lists for many years. I thought I would provide a quick review for those who didn’t get to attend:

Import Engine – Infor CRM v8.3 provides the ability to import into Tickets, Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Users, Lead Sources, Opportunities, and Products. It will also contain the ability to do Bulk Updates to records. The fields are configurable through the Web Admin for each of the tables mentioned above. This has been a highly requested feature.

Notes/History Preview – The Notes/History tab will now display multiple lines of History with the details moved below the item rather than on the right side. It will preview 256 characters of text from the history record below the detail, with an option to ‘Show More…’ and see additional content. There will also be a Show/Hide feature.

Sales Orders and Quotes РQuotes have been separated from Sales Orders and are now their own entity. This was done to further connect CRM to ERP Back Office Integration. The Quote to Cash Cycle now includes Opportunity, Quote, Create Proposal, and Promote to Sales Order.

Back Office Extension – The Back Office Extension for ERP Integration is now a part of the core Infor CRM solution. The two-way integration includes Account/Contact, Ship To, Pay From, and Bill To. All two-way integrations will go through a certification process by the Infor ERP business groups.

Mobile – Mobile v3.4 will be released for v8.3 and will not be backwards compatible with other versions of Infor CRM. Offline Access is a huge benefit of this release of Mobile. It will also include the Quote to Order cycle with workflow for promoting items to ERP.

Xbar – Xbar v1.3 includes single install for Outlook Integration and Xbar. You can now associate Tickets and Opportunities to Activities. You can now complete an appointment in Outlook along with accessing details from Calendar items.

Performance Gains and Compatibility – Infor and Customer testing showing 85% faster view loads than v8.1 and most pages are loading in half the time of v8.1. Kevin from Infor said the speed was reflective of Saleslogix v7.54 days. Infor CRM v8.3 is also compatible with Windows 10, Microsoft 2016, and Windows 10 Edge Browser.

Web Admin – Even more admin functions have been moved from the LAN Administrator to the Web. This version includes things like Licenses, Customer Service Defaults, and Ticket and Defect Activity Rates.

Finally, the dates and location for Inforum 2016 were announced. Inforum 2016 will be in NYC from July 10 – 13th. You can register at and get early,early bird special which ends on March 24th.

If you would like to discuss upgrading your system, or to see a free demonstration, please contact Simplesoft Solutions.

Remember to check our CALENDAR and register for free training, demo sessions, and the Heartland Saleslogix Users Group Events.

Dayton/Cincinnati, OH | Charleston, WV | Charlotte, NC

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