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September 20th, 2016 by

Ross_JanettaInfor has released Infor CRM v8.3 Web Model Update 03. Folks, this¬†was not just your run of the mill release! Infor is including Ming.le in this release! ¬†Infor Ming.le is¬†an intelligent portal to Infor CRM‚ÄĒestablishing a common workflow and organizing conversations into enterprise-wide streams where employees can share key screens, data, and attachments in a way that saves time and focuses attention when and where it‚Äôs needed most.¬†Update 03¬†is currently available from Xtreme Portal in the¬†Download Patches section.

The following information is from the “Applying Web Model Update 03 for¬†Version 8.3”¬†publication by Infor.

The following Infor CRM software must be installed before installing this update:

  • Infor CRM version 8.3
  • 8.3 SNC Update 03
  • 8.3 Web Core Update 03

Currently, Web Model Updates are cumulative, so Web Model Update 03 for Infor CRM 8.3 contains features released in previous updates. Web Model Update 03 for Infor CRM version 8.3 includes the following new features:

Web Client

Integration with Infor Ming.le including:

  • Sharing records and notes and history items
  • Creating and managing bookmarks
  • Links in Infor Ming.le that link to Infor CRM
  • Adding Infor CRM Dashboard widgets in Infor Ming.le

Also included are:

  • System of record support for Inbound Process BODS to create or update Infor CRM content.
  • Addition of Discount Charge Item entity properties for Sales Order and Quotes line levels –
    DocUnitAdjustmentAmount, UnitAdjustmentAmount, and Method.

For more information about integrating Infor CRM with Infor Ming.le, see KB 1853014, available from Infor Xtreme

The following is a list of Defects covered in this update:

Defect Description
8766 In the Campaign Targets tab, changes made to the Status are not saved.
9034 (ICBOE) If a sales order or quote product line is deleted in Infor CRM, the deletion must be included in Process BOD.
9704 (ICBOE) Finance Limit on Account is not populated for VISUAL.
9783 Fixed spelling errors in error messages.
10153 In a German environment with a Firefox browser, cannot type German characters into the User Lookup.
10205 In the Sales Order Snapshot, decimal values in the Discount Rate or Tax fields are automatically rounded up or down to the nearest integer.
10268 The sales order and quote line level views need to include the following Discount Charge Item entity properties, Calculation Method Code, Unit Adjustment Amount, Document Unit Adjustment Amount.
10484 Unable to assign a user or team to a new campaign task.
11056 In SpeedSearch if the headline link is for Activity the link is not active.
11128 After clicking Get Order Total or Refresh Prices in the Sales Order or Quote detail view, transaction amounts should be updated in Sales Order or Quote Snapshot.
11160 (ICBOE) When an account record is created or edited in Infor CRM and is promoted the Base Finance Limit field is not set to read only even though record is waiting with Sync Status= “Awaiting Acknowledgment”.
11234 When editing integration resources, such as contact, calendar, or tasks the dialog box is blank.
11248 The Sales Order detail view Get Order Total task is not working.
11252 Numerous filters on the same Entity can exceed browser limitations causing filters to not display for some groups.
11406 (ICBOE) The Price and Availability service should not generate user errors when the service is disabled.
11802 The Add Discount Charges dialog box has three new items to be added to the Web Client help.


Remember to check our CALENDAR and register for free training, demo sessions, and the Heartland CRM Users Group Events. If you need help upgrading to Infor CRM v8.3.0 or Mobile 3.4.0, let us know! We can assist in a minor capacity or provide all the technical heavy lifting.

Dayton/Cincinnati, OH | Charleston, WV | Charlotte, NC

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August 16th, 2016 by

Simplesoft Logo    Infor CRM has released update set 03 for Infor CRM(Saleslogix) v8.2.0.

Update 03 for Infor CRM version 8.2.0 includes the released new features:

Web Client

  • Outlook sync and the Outlook Integration features that were previously included with Desktop Integration have been moved to Infor CRM Xbar for Microsoft Outlook. This requires Xbar version 1.3.1 or later.
  • Creating an ad hoc group with a large number of records now uses the Job Manager.
  • Improvements to Reporting performance.
  • When importing a list of contacts, an account will be created if the import record does not contain any account information
  • Features for Administrators and those with appropriate role access:
  • Ability to edit fields
  • Ability to update multiple fields for multiple records, including the ability to update the account manager or account owner after an import
  • Ability to delete multiple records
  • Import History Detail view has a link to the import ad hoc group that contains the records that were successfully imported
  • Features for Administrators and those with appropriate role access:
  • Filter Manager is now Entity Manager which enables the management of entity filters, metrics, and fields
  • Ability to add fields
  • Area/Category/Issue management including ability to manage auto assignment
  • The Language list now includes English (UK)

Application Architect

  • Ability to change the ad hoc group number of record threshold
  • To support meta data discovery, the Data Type field was changed from text to a picklist

*Currently, updates to Infor CRM(Saleslogix) v8.2.0  are cumulative and contain all preceding updates. Update 03 is currently available from Xtreme Portal in the Download Patches section.

Summary of the update:

Defect  Description
-9706 In a Russian environment, the auto-populate feature of a combo box translates certain Russian characters incorrectly and returns the wrong items for the lookup.
-9749 Using the IN Condition as the first condition in a Query Builder query causes all other condition values to be corrupted when saved.
-9750 Cyrillic characters in the Owner field are corrupted when exporting records to Microsoft Excel.
-9963 Team Names that contain Cyrillic characters are corrupted in the Share Team view.
-9964 Cyrillic characters in the User Template name are corrupted.
-9965 An error occurs when exporting a group to Excel if the Group name contains Cyrillic characters.
-10110 In a Russian Windows client, the context menu for editing the description of a product contains corrupted characters.
-10111 In a Russian Windows Client, the tooltips contain corrupted characters.
-10112 In the Architect, if a plugin is released to a team with a name that contains Cyrillic characters the team name on the Release Plugin details view will contain corrupted characters.
-10115 ActivityAttendee and HistoryAttendee records are not synchronized between host and remote databases.
-10152 In the Architect, project names that contain extended character sets display corrupted characters.
-10222 In a Russian Windows client, when importing leads, the “Show all Fields” label and “Unmatch” button text are truncated.
-10223 In a Russian Windows client, the Opportunity Add Product dialog box contains truncated buttons and labels.
-10226 In a Russian Windows client, when creating a new contact/account, the Look for Matching Records button text is larger than the button.
-10233 In a Russian Windows client the Share Group dialog box contains corrupted and overlapping characters.
-10234 In a Russian Windows client the Account detail view Notes/History tab contains truncated labels.
-10376 In a Russian Architect the Reopen Project list contains corrupted characters.
-10393 If the Display Name of a field is changed to Cyrillic it will initially display correctly in Administrator. However when the field is then added to a Mail Merge Template the Cyrillic text is corrupted.
-10442 In a Russian Windows client the Query Builder does not correctly display Russian characters in the title or the group name.
-10443 In a Russian Windows client the Contact lookup contains corrupted characters.
-9983 Dragging an e-mail from Microsoft Outlook and dropping it on a Notes/History tab records the history item with the current date and time instead of the original date and time.
-9984 During Daylight Saving Time recurring activities start date is an hour later than it is scheduled to start.
-10060 Update Potential Matches will not return accounts with an account name that contains a single number, spaces, or several small words.
-10164 When a custom ticket group that contains the TICKETASSIGNLIST field as a condition is shared to Everyone, any user other than Admin will receive an error when viewing the group.
-10180 When performing a Ticket Lookup based on the CreateUser, the lookup will only return up to 100 named users.
-10297 The Web Client does not load properly when using the Chrome version 51 browser.
-10445 When the Ticket detail view Journal tab is in the More Tab and the More tabs is dragged to middle pane, the Journal tab overlaps the other tabs.
-10446 If the First Day of the Week is set to Monday and an activity is scheduled for a Sunday which is the 8th day of the month, the activity will not display on the Calendar.
-10453 When a new account entity is created for a back office extension, it should not add APPIDs in the SyncDigest table.
-10780 Update Potential Matches only checks the first word in some fields.
-10862 The Upper method in QueryOver queries bypasses indexes in non-Unicode databases.
-11059 Update Potential Matches does not return any results for converted leads.
-5596 Address.Address.entitytype.xml file needs to be added to the 8.2 Model update documents.
-10156 The next_url query string parameter used as the location for a redirect response is now being transferred between the pages using session state to address a potential security risk.
-10688 Export to File does not apply GMT/UTC formatting to Date/Time fields.


Update 02 Fixed Issues:

Prerequisite: No prerequisites except a currently working Infor CRM v8.2.0 environment.

Defect  Description
-6573 An access violation in the Crystal Reports crdb_ado.dll library may cause a crash in INFORCRM-8832 The Crystal Reports API is not exposed.
-8845 Web Client Address Labels do not print in the correct format.
-8862 Cutting a remote database causes problems with dependent views.
-8863 If duplicate view names were retrieved when cutting a remote database an error occurs when the views are applied to the remote database.
-8865 The Admin.exe should create a log file when cutting a remote database.
-8867 The database creation process should identify views with dependencies.
-8876 An error occurs if a sales process includes a to-do activity with an ampersand in the Regarding field.
-8955 Crystal Reports performance slowed between versions 7.5.4 and 8.1.
-9598 MemCache is required for Network Remote to successfully connect to Sdata portal.
-9854 Strings with extended characters cannot be found in Advanced lookup.
-4348 Administrator does not show users that are logged into the Web client when using Windows Authentication.
-4808 In the Application Architect, SQL actions containing <> characters are corrupted when creating a bundle.
-5484 In the Web client, the group conditions “starts with” and “contains” are not handled correctly
-6272 The Web Analytics Support bundle for Infor CRM Advanced Analytics v3.0 fails to build after applying Update 01 for v8.2.
-6407 When completing an activity any people added to the Availability tab (including leader) are not added to HistoryAttendee table so they do not show on All Participants tab of History record.
-6412 An error occur after going to the ad hoc group created for an import of contacts.
-6541 When trying to delete an account associated with an opportunity that has an associated activity a server request timed out error occurs.
-7146 When signing in fails due to a license failure that information should be added to the user auditlog.
-7197 Trying to insert a new ticket in a Windows Authentication enabled environment causes the error “Could not initialize proxy ‚Äď no session”.
-7426 The SimpleAtomToEntityMappings.Transform() method does not allow for null or empty email addresses for contacts or leads which may lead to a crash of the ASP.NET worker process.
-7829 When using the German-Switzerland (de-ch) cultural code currency controls do not accept decimal values correctly.
-7986 After assigning a role to a smart part on a view, the smart part is hidden for the role.
-8179 Unable to login to Mobile 3.4 as a user when using a local file system.
-8320 When creating new notes and activities, the Account lookup displays and stores special characters in an account name as character references.
-8819 The Cache Service may cause incorrect counts and returns in Customer Portal.
-8829 When opening Mapquest from the Web client a Page 404 error occurs.
-8836 Group column properties have different formats in the Web and Windows clients.
-8838 In the Web Client Ticket detail view, the Reset button clears two fields in the Details tab view when using an Internet Explorer browser.
-8843 In the Application Architect, using a module to show or hide tabs no longer functions as you scroll through the group after applying 8.1 Core Update 05 or later.
-8844 When running reports there is DateTime related error for both the ATTACHMENT and HISTORY tables.
-8851 The ActivityManager.aspx has a memory leak.
-8854 After dragging and dropping an email on to the Ticket Activity tab, the email header information is not stored in the TICKETACTIVITY table.
8855 Adding Date or DateTime values to a Crystal Report header return incorrect values.
-8856 Calling MySlx.Security.CurrentSalesLogixUser may lead to an NHibernate.LazyInitializationException if a lazily loaded User property is accessed
-8858 Filters do not return results when a group contains a startdate in the layout.
-8860 If a date/time field is left blank, the Calendar date/time control uses server time instead of client time.
-8861 The Ticket Activity tab does not automatically refresh after dragging and dropping an emails to the tab.
-8864 DateTime controls display the wrong time when the server and client machine have different time zone settings.
-8866 Performance is slower when Windows Authentication rather than Forms Authentication is enabled.
-8868 In an Oracle 11g environment the Return Distinct Row Only causes HTTP:500 error when selecting filters in the task pane.
-8870 When accessing an offline Web Client with Turkish regional settings an error occurs.
-8872 Unable to log in to Application Architect using Turkish Regional Settings.
-8878 User Security does not always update properly when changing Department or Team Membership from the Web client.
-8935 Creating an ad hoc group with more than 10000 records does not include all selected records.
-8955 Crystal Reports performance slowed between versions 7.5.4 and 8.1.
-8962 When you complete an unscheduled activity, changing the opportunity or ticket should not change the existing contact or account.
-8966 An error occurs when attempting to close a ticket that was created in a Windows Authentication environment.
-8971 Switching between contact records in the Contact Detail view and saving changes before the record fully loads may result in contact data being overwritten.
-9548 Update Developer Tips and Application Architect with steps for setting Ad Hoc record threshhold.
-6572 An OutOfMemoryException may occur when large reports are run frequently in either the Job Service or the SlxClient portal.
-8807 The Office Integration install must detect if a previous version of Desktop Integration is installed and then uninstall it.
-8820 Unable to sort Lookup columns after applying 8.2. Update 01.
-8826 The Web Client Office Integration is now separate from Outlook Integration.
-8828 Remove the Install Desktop integration from sign in page and General options screen. Replace the options in the General tab with Office Integration and XBar install buttons.
-8840 Users added to a custom Library role may not able to see additional Library controls in the Web Client .
-8857 In a Windows Authentication environment, the Ticket Detail view Email Ticket button is unresponsive.
-8859 In a Windows Authentication environment, the Ticket Detail view Date/Time stamp does not work.
-8877 The Contract Quantity field does not allow decimals, which are allowed in the Windows Client.

We recommend and encourage you to review the update documents to keep abreast of all defects and issues that have been corrected. Contact Simplesoft Solutions to discuss an upgrade for Infor CRM (Saleslogix), and to review any new features or updates with your version of Infor CRM (Saleslogix).

If you would like to discuss upgrading your system, or to see a free demonstration, please contact Simplesoft Solutions. Also, if you would like to learn more tips, or have a CRM topic you would like us to write about, please contact Simplesoft Solutions, Inc. Remember to check our CALENDAR and register for free training, demo sessions, and the Heartland Users Group Events.

Dayton/Cincinnati, OH | Charleston, WV | Charlotte, NC


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May 10th, 2016 by

Dear Paul,

Our Infor CRM Business Administrator is no longer with our company.  We need to get our new administrator up to speed quickly without disruption to our Infor CRM users.  What topics do you recommend be covered to train our new administrator?

Great question and we have a ready answer.¬† We can schedule Infor CRM Administration training almost anytime.¬† The roles that ‚Äúmake‚ÄĚ up the administrative tasks in the system range in complexity from technical administrator, data steward, power user, to a business administrator.¬† I even have one company where the President is able to perform the administrative tasks with ease.¬† We can help you get to the level that you want to obtain from basics to expert.

Here are the main subject topics to get a new administrator running at a basics level:

  • Administrative Overview
  • User Management and Security
  • Team Management and Security
  • Pick List Management
  • Group Management
  • Data Management

Infor CRM Training for Administrators

First, a good overall review of the administrative tools (LAN and/or web) with an explanation of the tools, and associated roles of the tools, is important.

Next, user management and the various tasks (add, edit, retire, etc.) is a fundamental training area.  This subject includes focus on creating and managing user profiles with an emphasis on security.

Team Management, if you’re using teams, would be an important subject combined with security.

Pick list management and a review of data management principles that corresponds with the proper management of pick lists would be next.

Lookups, groups, and various management tasks are important data segmentation subjects.  In the web, filtering data and managing the data for users.  Slicing and finding data easily is key to user adoption.

Data management tasks is a nice optional learning area.  Subjects covered here are developing training and policy to prevent duplicate data and how to update mass data when changes occur in your company.

There are many other subjects that can be covered but these are the basics to get you moving in the right direction.

Training is an important part of any information system and CRM is no different.  Make sure you provide the training to your administrators and they have the skills and experience to help your front office employees be successful.  Ultimately, we are here to serve you and empower your employees to serve your downstream customers.

” The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

If you would like to discuss upgrading your system or to see a free demonstration, please contact Simplesoft Solutions.

Remember to check our CALENDAR and register for free training, demo sessions, and the Heartland Saleslogix Users Group Events.

Dayton/Cincinnati, OH | Charleston, WV | Charlotte, NC

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January 25th, 2016 by

“Necessity is the Mother of all Invention.” – Albert Einstein
This short post is an example of the quote above. ¬†We had a need to create a company Marketing Calendar in Infor CRM so everyone on our team would know when Web Training Events and Public Demos were scheduled so they could mention on the phone during their interactions. ¬† We decided to setup a new Infor CRM User called “Marketing.” Setting Up a “Marketing User” allowed us to create activities such as Training or Demo events logged in as this Marketing user. ¬†Other Infor CRM Users can see these Marketing Activities by viewing the Marketing Users’ calendar. Alternatively, if you want all your users to be aware of the events you can add “Everyone” as a member of the activity when it is scheduled. Your decision on how to make the Marketing events viewable to your users would depend on your environment and the necessity of your users to be aware of the events.

Infor CRM Calendar for Marketing

If you would like to discuss upgrading your system, or to see a free demonstration, please contact Simplesoft Solutions.

Remember to check our CALENDAR and register for free training, demo sessions, and the Heartland Saleslogix Users Group Events.

Dayton/Cincinnati, OH | Charleston, WV | Charlotte, NC

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January 5th, 2016 by

I am looking forward to 2016 as I look back to positive strides that Infor has made to the Infor CRM product stack.  I thought I would mention a few highlights as we begin 2016.

1. Mobile continues to be a cutting edge toolset for Ipad, Iphone, and Android.

2. Purpose built applications (PBA) will continue to be improved and have international capabilities.

– Xbar
– Gmail
– Outlook Sync

3. Browser compatibility continues to keep up and improve.

4. Web client continues to be improved and refreshed with Infor’s Hook and Loop designs.

5. Infor CRM v8.2.x LAN client is stable and the v8.3 release is around the corner.

6. Cloud continues to expand offerings (from Single tenant models to multi-tenant) to lower the entry points.

7. Integrations are becoming more available with ION and Sdata for the Infor ERP offerings and other Accounting systems.

8. Tools to help automation tuning and performance of Windows components.

9. Released and updated Advanced Analytics for metrics visibility and decision making.

So here is to 2016 and the positive changes that Infor will continue to bring to our customer base. As we begin to look forward here are a few items I believe are on the horizon with Infor CRM:

– The strategic emphasis on micro vertical markets and industry solutions.
– Game-changing interface improvements for user adoption.
– More purpose built applications and tools for improved productivity.
– Deeper integration with Infor product stacks.
– ERP, CPQ, Ming.le integrations.

Attend the Q1 Heartland Users Group Meeting on Tuesday, January 12th and learn more about Infor CRM for 2016! Click to register – Planning for an Agile Enterprise with Infor CRM.

The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.

– Abraham Lincoln

If you would like to discuss upgrading your system, or to see a free demonstration, please contact Simplesoft Solutions.

Remember to check our CALENDAR and register for free training, demo sessions, and the Heartland Saleslogix Users Group Events.

Dayton/Cincinnati, OH | Charleston, WV | Charlotte, NC

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June 9th, 2015 by

Infor CRM v8.2 has been released and is now available through the Infor Xtreme Support Portal. The newest release contains many enhancements to usability options and administrative functionality. We are pleased to see so many features our customers have been requesting such as a more accessible Account/Contact import tool and better group management. Take a look for yourself by viewing the¬†recorded webinar demonstration of Infor CRM v8.2 –¬†click here.

Below is a summary of the key features in this release:

  • Enriched user interface styling and behaviors with adjusted text boxes, grids, navigation menu and personalization options
  • New import tools for contacts and accounts using CSV, Outlook, and other delimited file formats with configurable field mapping
  • Ways to create new filters and new metrics via Web Admin roles so you don‚Äôt have to rely on Application Architect (shown below)
  • Self-Service portal which allows users to request password resets
  • LAN has been Infor CRM branded

The new Filter Manager (shown below) allows admin users to release more filters and metrics used on the built in Web Dashboards through the Admin Client interface rather than Application Architect.

If you would like to discuss upgrading your system, or to see a free demonstration, please contact Simplesoft Solutions.

Remember to check our CALENDAR and register for free training, demo sessions, and the Heartland Saleslogix Users Group Events.

Dayton/Cincinnati, OH | Charleston, WV | Charlotte, NC

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