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May 3rd, 2016 by

Dear Paul,

We have a newly installed user that cannot log into the Saleslogix client. The user is receiving the following error:

Exception ETimeZoneError:

The time zone has not been defined for user U6UJ9A0000XX

Exception location:

[006892BE]{Saleslogix.exe} IsBrandingEnabled

This is a Windows LAN client using v8.1. Can you help us with this error?

Certainly, we can help. After some research, the problem seems to be a missing value in the user profile entry for the timezone column. I am not confident how the setting came to be without a value, but here is what we did to correct the issue.

1. Diagnose the issue.

First review the login process on the client machine and confirm the login issue.

2. Review the problem area.

Second, review the Userinfo table to examine the user record. The SQL below is as-is and may need to be adopted by a person with knowledge of how to run and correct the data use SQL statements:

– Select * from Userinfo

– Next, review the user profile record noted from the error and review the timezone column

– Select * from Userinfo where userid = ‘U6UJ9A0000AB’¬†— change to a known value

3. Identify the resolution steps.

Identify the possible timezone value from the other working users.

– Select distinct timezone from Userinfo

4. Implement the resolution.

UDPATE USERINFO set Timezone = ‘Eastern Standard Time’ where userid = ‘U6UJ9A0000AB’

Change Timezone value and userid value to known and correct values.

5. Confirm the result with the end user.

Meet with the user and make sure that they can now login.

6. What else can be corrected?

Check other possible users for missing timezone values and correct as needed.

– Select * from Userinfo where timezone is null

This following statement will set all NULL timezone values in the userprofiles to one Value, make sure it defined correctly or update one Userinfo record at a time as described above.

– Update Userinfo set timezone = ‘Central Standard Time’ where timezone is null

7. How can the problem be prevented or avoided.

If the timezone value is not set for a user profile then the Network (LAN) client will potentially have problems logging in. These steps will help correct the issue. We did not come to a root cause of the issue, but if it becomes problematic, a KnowledgeSync event or database trigger can be setup to mitigate the issue for the future.  We are here to help!

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