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Teri Unger will be conducting quarterly web training sessions for Infor CRM Technical Administrators called Tips, Tricks, and Tools. This blog article chronicles one of her tips from the February session. She created this summary, Teri’s Tips,Trick, and Tools – February Session for your reference. Plan to attend the May session by registering here.

TIP: Default Groups

Applies to: New or existing users

Platform: Web/LAN

Benefit: All detail pages (entities) in LAN or WEB build based on a group.  When entities have defined groups that are SMALLER in record count this significantly decreases the page load speed since a smaller set of records has to be loaded before the page can display.

Notes: Always set the groups to a smaller set, like a MY group or latest.  The ‘ALL’ groups should be avoided.

The main considerations for most users will be Account, Contact, Opportunity, Lead, and Ticket.

All users, including admin, should have entity groups defined.

Users can set their own in Tools > Options > Lookups & Groups. Admin can set groups in the Administrator program under each user profile.

LAN user:

WEB user:

Caveat: web users MUST set their own default groups as it is stored in a web configuration file within the web client.  This means that the settings are LOGGED-IN user specific. Notice that the default for a new user comes in with the ‘ALL’ group selected.  This NEEDS to be changed!

ADMINISTRATOR user profile:

Open a user profile > Client Settings tab

These settings ONLY apply to a LAN user.

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