Basic Authentication Deprecation for Microsoft Office 365 and KnowledgeSync

Microsoft has updated their authentication protocols to no longer include basic authentication for their email effective October 1, 2022.

What does that mean to Infor CRM users? Not much as Infor uses SMTP which is not changing.   But it will impact companies using KnowledgeSync and Office 365 and to continue to authenticate with the Office 365 all KnowledgeSync users will need to upgrade to the newest v10.5 to continue to use the integration with the Infor CRM under the new protocol requirements.

Here is the article from KnowledgeSync on the authentication change

Deprecation of Basic Authentication in Exchange Online Affects KnowledgeSync On-Premise

Contact Simplesoft for additional information or to request an upgrade to your KnowledgeSync!


The full article from Microsoft can be found here.

Basic Authentication Deprecation in Exchange Online – September 2022 Update – Microsoft Community Hub

If your company is not ready to make that change due to potential impact on software other than Office 365 then you have a small reprieve as they are allowing a on-time protocol rollback that will allow basic authentication until Dec 31, 2022.  After that date, ALL basic authentication for the Office 365 (Exchange Online) will be blocked completely with no rollback.  You can find the temporary configuration steps in the article above.

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