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August 19th, 2021 by

That’s right! Mail merge is now available in a way that eliminates the browser restriction

Infor has released an answer to the mail merge issue that has plagued the software since Microsoft announced the retiring of Internet Explorer.  Previously if you needed to use the web mail merge function in the CRM you were restricted to Internet Explorer and 32 bit Office.   NOW with this new release, not only is 64 bit Office compatible but it is no longer browser isolated!

Compatibility is listed with Office 2016 and 2019 (Office 365), but we also tested on Office 2013 and it worked as expected.  This new functionality is appropriate for Infor CRM Web Client version and later.

This new mail merge function is installed as an add-in to Microsoft Word and it adds additional settings to the Mailing ribbon in the Word application.  Configuration is remarkably similar to the XBar and merely requires the SData portal and a user log in.

Templates created from an earlier version will need to be converted and if you are adding a table to display multiple items we recommend re-creating the template in the new function rather than adding a table to the converted template.  We have had some issues with adding tables but the adding fields works fine in a converted template. A new template created in the new function works great when adding a merge table.


You can still map fields from the CRM, associate specific user information for a signature, and generate the layout that you have used in the past.

Send the information to a single person based on a specific record, or merge to a whole group.  Regular dynamic groups and Ad-hoc groups are available.

Want to send it out as email or print a letter or create a document, no problem!  It also still creates a history record and an activity follow-up in CRM if you wish.



Some configuration items to consider to allow the CRM and Office Outlook to work together for mail merge:
When the two programs wish to work together you may get a window asking you to allow or deny access to the Office program when you run the mail merge.  This form will pop-up for EACH email that you are trying to send!  There is a way to allow the two programs to work together in the Office Trust Center permanently.

To do this, in Outlook open File > Options > Trust Center> Trust Center Settings button, Then programmatic Access > Mark the ‘Never Warn me about suspicious activity’ radio button.
*There may be caveats to this permission depending on your company policy.

If you are interested in this add-in to Word or have questions please let us know and we will be glad to help.

Would you like to discuss the bigger picture with Infor CloudSuite CRM at your company? Connect with a Simplesoft Consultant at

Simplesoft Solutions, Inc. is a customer relationship management (CRM) business consulting and software development firm in Cincinnati/Dayton region and offices in Cleveland, OH¬† and Charlotte, NC. We provide implementation, integration, development and training for Infor CloudSuite CRM. We have built our business on an ability to creatively adapt CRM to meet the varying needs of our customers’ businesses. We have been helping our customers develop stronger relationships with their customers through improved sales, marketing, customer service, and support processes since 1994.

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