Activity Management Best Practices

You want to know what your teams are accomplishing with customers…..but where do you start? Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to come up with everything at once. Take one team and one action at a time.

Here’s how to begin…What behavior do you want to incent with users? Start with one group of users, we like to start with sales since they tend to have the most measurable goals.
What do you want to measure? Thinking this through helps you come up with what they need to record in CRM.
– Number of calls
– Number of visits

Update Activity pick lists with common values, this keeps the process fast and efficient for the users. Doing this leads to better user adoption when they don’t find the process cumbersome.
– Follow-up on quote
– Send literature
– Priority

Educate your users! This is critical to success with Activity Management. Make sure they understand how, why and where things need done. What are the different types of Activities?
– Phone calls
– Meetings
– To-Dos
Set up actions for follow-ups automatically. Show users how to adjust this in the Options menu in CRM. Make this a best practice so that when they complete an Activity they set up their next step.

How can management use this to improve and review with the team?

  • Remember the objective of CRM, Collaboration!
  • History vs Activity – Be sure you explain the difference. History in completed Activities. Activity is a task in the future.
  • Notes vs Completed Activity vs Completing Unscheduled Activity. Notes are for general things about an account. User must put calls and meetings under Activity for reporting to properly work. Users should always record unscheduled activities under the History tab.
  • Group examples
    • Activity Groups for upcoming items
    • Contact Groups that show history of completed Activities
    • Dashboards (v8.5 can show pending vs completed)
    • Stale Opportunities (Always have a next action set)
    • History created without notes (completing Activities with no notes)
  • Review in-sales meetings and one-on-one time
  • Set clear expectations and communicate them to teams
  • Surprises
    • Tickets aren’t being updated or completed
    • Out-of-date Opportunities
    • Meetings & Calls haven’t been recorded

These examples and suggestions will help set you on a clear path to success with Activity Management in Infor CRM.

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