Why you should be using a Lead Scoring Process in CRM

Lead Scoring profiles are so important to CRM success. Why? Your company generates lots of Leads for the sales team in a week, but how does the sales team know which are hot, cold, or otherwise? Would you say a Lead that just filled out a form isĀ as important as a Lead that opened several emails, clicked links,Ā or spent time on your site? I hope not!

Let’s take a look at what Lead Scoring is and why and how to use it.

What is Lead Scoring? Lead Scoring is a shared sales and marketing methodology for ranking Leads in order to determine their sales-readiness. You score Leads based on the interest they show in your business, their current place in the buying cycle, and their fit in regards to your business. You decide the weight or value each marketing action has. For example, a click within an email is worth more than an opened email.

Why should I create a Lead Scoring Process?Ā Lead Scoring allows your sales team to spend their time where it countsĀ – with qualified Leads. If sales time is wasted with unqualified Leads, your company will suffer. Pursuing qualified Leads can increase sales productivity and guarantee a better return for your business.

How to Create one? Start by taking each marketing action that you want to measure. Examples would be Email Opens, Link Clicks, Landing Page Completions, and Web Site Visits. Then, decide which actions of those you weigh the highest and give it a number. So, an email Open may be a 2, but an Email Click is a 4. As the Lead continues to build a score, you can have different actions trigger in CRM for the sales or marketing teamsĀ to take.

What do I do with the scores and info? Once you have some data collected in CRM, use it! Make Groups so the sales team can quickly see HOT Leads. Better yet, create a workflow that alerts the sales person of a Lead that has a score over XX. This tells the sales person to act quickly because this Lead has taken actions that you deemed “buying behavior”. So, your sales team can strike while the iron is hot!

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