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Do your sales meetings consist of conference calls where each sales person talks about what they did last week? Does it usually drag on too long with no accountability, numbers or quotas shown to compare week over week? Are you using Infor CRM to run your meetings with a clearly defined sales process and goals visually shown? Why not?!

Sales leadership can lead each meeting with the dashboards in Infor CloudSuite CRM; the data is already there from your sales team putting it in CRM.   These dashboards are simply groups you already have in CRM shown visually. Therefore you can chose to display anything on your dashboard that you want to review in the meetings. They can visually show groups from Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts, and Leads.

As you can see there’s many different ways to display the information; lists, pie charts, funnels, bar or line graphs etc. You¬†hover over a pie slice to see more details or click¬†“View Group” text to jump directly to the the group.

We can work with your company to show you how these dashboards can be set up, customized and shared with others so you can start leading¬†more informative and efficient¬†sales meetings. You can have multiple tabs for departments or territories to track certain KPI’s and goals. Each sales person can also have their own dashboards allowing them to quickly see the status of their territory.

Dashboards will not only keep your sales meetings on task but your sales team as well. Start using your dashboards now and see the difference!

Watch this video on creating custom dashboards  Want more on this topic? See our blog post on Web Dashboards

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Simplesoft Solutions, Inc. is a customer relationship management (CRM) business consulting and software development firm in Cincinnati/Dayton OH surrounding areas. We provide implementation, integration, development and training for Infor CloudSuite CRM (formerly Saleslogix). We have built our business on an ability to creatively adapt CRM to meet the varying needs of our customers’ businesses. We have been helping our customers develop stronger relationships with their customers through improved sales, marketing, customer service, and support processes since 1994.

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