Forecasting is here…New version release Infor CloudSuite CRM

The latest version of Infor CloudSuite CRM has arrived and brings some great new sales tools! Version 8.04.03 has lots of new updates; you can read about all of them here, but this write up will focus on the Forecast and Forecast Pipeline feature.

The new Forecast entity in Infor CRM gives your sales staff the ability to provide insight into the sales cycle. Creating visibility to the sales team’s expected sales allows leadership to¬†see into the future and strategically plan their moves to increase growth.¬† Infor CRM now provides a quick and easy way for sales staff to add their opportunities to their forecasts.

Using Forecasts is a crucial part of your sales process so it’s exciting news that Infor has added this feature to CRM. Here is a snap shot of what the Forecast details looks like.

Forecast Pipeline was also added. This gives leadership the ability to create a pipeline of forecasts by Sales person, Territory, State, Country, or Product. It also gives the ability to see them segmented by number of days out, i.e. 0-30 days, 31-60 days, etc.

Customers even have the option to add these Forecasts to CRM dashboards. Create pie charts, line graphs, etc. from groups created just like the other dashboards. Now, using this information in sales meetings is easy and you can share snap shots of data with anyone in the company.

Forecasting is an important tool for production, leadership, and sales planning. With it integrated into your CRM tool, you can see the big picture and communicate more effectively. Note: You must add Forecast Role to the Users that need access. 

Take a quick tour of the Forecast feature in Infor CloudSuite CRM 8.04.03. Watch Now.

Read Infor’s help menu for Forecasts. Related Blog article: Quotas are here…Infor CloudSuite CRM 8.04.03.

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