Keeping Data Clean – Bulk Updates in Web Client

Keeping your database clean is one of the most important factors in using your Infor CRM effectively. Once you have defined your fields such as, Type, Account Manager, Status, etc., you must keep them up to date. This makes sure that your data is readily available to create marketing and sales follow ups.

The bulk updates feature is available in the web client, versions 8.2 and up, and it is a fantastic tool to keep up with quick changes to certain fields. When in List View, you will see the option to Update on the right side of your screen. The updates available will depend on the table you are currently in.

You can either select certain records from your list or if you don’t select anything it will update the entire look up. One thing to note is that not all fields can be bulk updated. Fields with unique identifiers can not be bulk updated (i.e. accountid, contactid, subtypes, etc.). Here’s a look at some of the options available and these can be customized to include other fields.

Once you select one, a field populates for you to select what to change the field to. For instance, you need to change 10 records that have the wrong Account Manager. Select Account Manager, then select the correct one from your list and hit OK. If you have multiple things to update hit the + and it will add a line for you to select another option. Then you can update both at once.

It is not recommended to use bulk updates for complete territory realignments. We recommend you use your Infor Administrator Tool for this process.

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