Infor CRM(Saleslogix) v8.3.0 Update 01 & 02 Released

Simplesoft Logo Infor CRM has released update sets 01 & 02 for Infor CRM(Saleslogix) v8.3.0.

The updates include the new features:

  • Improvements to Reporting performance
  • Enabling Refresh Pricing for sales orders/quotes (role)
  • Creating an ad hoc group with a large number of records now uses the Job Manager
  • Added a Test Link button to the Price Service detail view to test the price and availability end points
  • Added logging and exception handling for Price and Availability
  • Enhanced the Account detail view Sales Order tab to include additional information

*Currently, updates to Infor CRM(Saleslogix) v8.3.0 are cumulative and contain all proceeding updates. Update 01 and 02 is currently available from Xtreme Portal in the Download Patches section.

SNC, Core, Model bundles for Update 01 for Infor CRM(Saleslogix) v8.3.0 contained the following updates:

Prerequisite: No prerequisites except a currently working Infor CRM v8.3.0 environment.
The summary of the fixes are listed below:

Defect Description
-6225 Content that has been synchronized to a Unicode remote database from a Unicode host database does not display in the What’s New view.
-8345 In a German environment, the Infor CRM Windows Client Query Builder Value Selection grid overlaps the ‘OK’, ‘Abbrechen’ and ‘Hilfe’ buttons.
-8846 Web Client Address Labels do not print in the correct format.
-8925 Cyrillic characters in the name of a template used for creating users from a template are corrupted.
-9495 The Advanced lookup cannot find strings with extended characters.
-9549 Document the steps for setting the ad hoc record threshhold.
-10016 The useractivity_in_instead_ins trigger has a drop trigger that needs to be removed. Added both UserActivity_Int_Instead_Ins and UserActivity_Integration_Change triggers for
-10017 On the Offline Web Client, the GroupTranslator.dll does not register properly.
-6223 Creating an ad hoc group with more than 10000 records does not include all selected records.
-6344 A duplicated translation in a resource file may cause an error in the Web Client.
-6754 The ID string in AddEditDialog.js is incorrectly exposed for translation.
-6907 Contact data is sometimes overwritten when navigating between records on the Contact detail view.
-8045 When completing an activity any people added to the Availability tab (including leader) are not added to HistoryAttendee table so they do not show on All Participants tab of History record.
-8172 After adding a contact to the details in the Infor CRM Activity task pane in Microsoft Outlook, the IsAttendee column is null in the Infor CRM activity record.
-8397 In a German environment, the Infor CRM Web Client Query Builder, on the Assign Condition view the Cancel (Abberchen) button is truncated on the screen.
-8404 The internal processing of the 5 main build phases should run in parallel.
-8429 In the Dashboard the Number of Records value does not function in a group list chart.
-8640 In Application Architect, there needs to be a way to set the Manage Schema property for entities.
-8824 In an Oracle environment, filtered lookup results fail when results contain special characters.
-8837 Group column properties have different formats in the Web and Windows clients.
-8839 In the Web Client Ticket detail view, the Reset button clears two fields in the Details tab view when using an Internet Explorer browser.
-8847 Duplicated joins appear when a user creates a new entity related to existing entity.
-8869 In an Oracle 11g environment the Return Distinct Row Only causes HTTP:500 error when selecting filters in the task pane.
-8871 When accessing an offline Web Client with Turkish regional settings an error occurs.
-8875 Administrator does not show users that are logged into the Web client when using Windows Authentication.
-8879 User Security does not always update properly when changing Department or Team Membership from the Web client.
-8880 When using the German-Switzerland (de-ch) cultural code currency controls do not accept decimal values correctly.
-8883 Members added to the Availability tab when completing a meeting do not create records in the HistoryAttendee table.
-8884 In the Web client, the group conditions “starts with” and “contains” are not handled correctly.
-8894 In the Application Architect, if a legacy grid datasource references an entity with name beginning with ‘I’, the “I” is dropped which creates an invalid datasource.
-8918 Adding new tab on the EditQuoteItem quick form throws an exception error.
-8919 In the Application Architect, on the EditQuoteItem form adding a new page to the multi-tab causes an error.
-8956 DateTimePickerAdvancedPropertyEditor.json and FormBasicPropertyEditor.json contain Incorrect strings.
-8963 When you complete an unscheduled activity, changing the opportunity or ticket should not change the existing contact or account.
-9002 (ICBOE) The Promote link is not available to standard users on the Contact, Bill To and Pay From views.
-9020 (ICBOE) An error occurs when synchronizing an A+ BOD and the Code value is empty.
-9026 (ICBOE) When you add a new account in ICBOE you cannot select a Carrier because the pick list is empty. This should either be a read only field or the pick list should have values.
-9032 (ICBOE) The Quote Expirtation date field should be required.
-9038 (ICBOE) When carriers are automatically created they do not have a LogicalID.
-9041 (ICBOE) Sales orders deleted in Infor CRM have a status of open in the process BOD.
-9042 (ICBOE) Location is not mandatory for a new sales order or quote, but the promotion process is asking for Location.
-9084 (ICBOE) Add mandatory fields ERP Document Date, ERP Status, ERP Start Date, ERP End Date to the Sales Order and Quote insert and detail views.
-9365 In an Oracle environment a custom Application Architect bundle to localize database items fails.
-9386 Replace the XmlDiff component with a method of checking if two model items are different.
-9412 (ICBOE) Converting a quote to a sales order should publish an updated ProcessQuote BOD.
-9416 (ICBOE) Pricing and Availability real-time service client needs performance improvement.
-9439 (ICBOE) Quote and sales order product prices are not updated ,when a warehouse is assigned to an unassigned warehouse product.
-9441 (ICBOE) Sales order and Quote records ,returerror “No default Sales Office is found in sales user profile or at customer”.
-9471 In an environment with the de-ch culture code currency fields do not accept decimal values.
-9486 The Web Client Mail Merge Contact Lookup does not return any results.
-9488 The Mail Merge Opportunity Contact Lookup does not return any results.
-9496 There are cross scripting vulnerabilities in multiple lines of code.
-9497 There are cross scripting reflected vulnerabilities in a couple lines of code.
-9498 Multiple lines of code have a Validation.Required.URL vulnerability.
-9543 (ICBOE) When attempting to delete a converted Sales Order record, a Saleslogix error message displays.
-9585 The Sales Order and Quote snapshots Sub Total and Grand Total fields are not calculated correctly.
-9586 The secured action for Convert Quote to Order is not included in any of the out-of-thebox roles.
-9634 Addressed SQL injection vulnerabilities.
-9681 (ICBOE) Unable to add a new BOD Mapping to be referenced in the BOD template.
-9692 (ICBOE) The Unit of Measure” lookup does not filter based on selected product.
-9697 (ICBOE) The Back Office detail view Price List tab should be removed.
-9741 Implement HTML encoding for vulnerabilities.
-9748 (ICBOE) The ERPEXTID BOD field mapping is skipped when processing inbound BOD’s.
-9777 Several security items can be fixed by adding second and third parameter “StreamWriter(fs, Encoding.UTF8, 512):”
-9782 In the Infor CRM Xbar activity pane in Outlook, after completing a recurrence of a recurring activity no changes occur and the Completed Activity view does not display.
-9802 Add encoding to address security vulnerabilities.
-9855 (ICBOE) When changing the account on a quote the related addresses for bill to and ship to are not updated.
-9889 (ICBOE) Change the Available Warehouses dialog box title to “Available to Promise”
-4461 Users added to a custom Library role may not able to see additional Library controls in the Web Client.
-8765 Unable to add products to quote or sales order if the selected back office is different from the Account back office.
-8823 The account Timeline displays incorrectly in the Edge browser.
-8848 When adding products to opportunities the line number does not display.
-8958 The Quote status field should not be read-only.
-8979 (ICBOE) On the Bill To detail view the PaymentTerm and Incoterms picklists storagemode must be CODE, currently, it is set to Text.
-8996 (ICBOE) Adminstrators should be able to disable pricing and availability functionality.
-9000 (ICBOE) Selecting an available warehouse & clicking the OK button on the Available Warehouses lookup should refresh the data on the Products tab.
-9027 (ICBOE) The Quote Item and Sales Order Item currency codes are incorrect.
-9031 (ICBOE) The Account Default Warehouse lookup should display descriptions, not ID values.
-9034 (ICBOE) Product Line deleted in Infor CRM does not create a delete request.
-9035 (ICBOE) The Product list for sales orders and quotes should not include canceled products and therefore needs to filter by the ERP status.
-9044 (ICBOE) The Products tab on the Sales Order and Quote detail view should include a Description column.
-9047 (ICBOE) Sales orders with a status of “Invoiced” should be read-only.
-9058 (ICBOE) Implement Price and Availability service.
-9080 (ICBOE) Add Order Date and Net Order Total columns to the Account detail view Sales Order tab.
-9088 (ICBOE) Add debug log messages to all pricing and availability classes and methods and Handling Exception wherever required.
-9330 (ICBOE) Add a Test Link button to the Price Service detail view to test the price and availability end points.
-9374 (ICBOE) On the Shipments, Invoices, and Receivables detail views the Group List displays the Saleslogix ID instead of External ID.
-9421 (ICBOE) Price Service OrderLineTotal should be updated when Sales Order Items are updated.
-9423 (ICBOE) An incorrect or unresolvable Price and Availability end point URL results in an “Object Reference not set to an object” error message.-9482 (ICBOE) When adding existing non-configurable and sellable products to the Quote or Sales Order detail view, the proper price and availability request to the configured RP returns the error “Operation failed. Message=Value cannot be null. Parameter name: key. HTTP status: Internal Server Error (500).”
-9494 (ICBOE) The Quote Item SlxLocation ID should be updated based on user selection in the Available Warehouses dialog box.
-9542 The record count should be updated in the detail view if a record is deleted. Currently the records count allows users to navigate to the deleted record which causes an error message to display.
-9584 Deleting multiple products from the Products tab on the Sales Order, Opportunity, or Quote detail view does not delete all of the selected products.
-9587 Merging an account does not move associated quotes.
-9695 (ICBOE) When editing a product quantity, on the Sales Order or Quote detail view, the Extended Price and Total columns should update immediately to reflect updated pricing information.
-9705 (ICBOE) In a Visual integration, the Ship To detail view, Sales orders tab, the Total Orders number is correct, but the associated orders are not listed on the tab.
-9796 (ICBOE) The word “UserTriggered” should be two words.
-9968 The next_url query string parameter used as the location for a redirect response is now being transfered between the pages using session state to address a potential security risk.
-9438 (ICBOE) Updating the quantity in the quote line items does not send a Pricing and Availability request.
-9445 (ICBOE) Deleting a sales order does not behave as expected.
-9448 (ICBOE) When switching between detail view records from the Group List or by using navigation tool bar icons, detail view tool bar icons do not refresh the records have different statuses.

*Currently, updates to Infor CRM(Saleslogix) v8.3.0 are cumulative and contain all preceding updates.

SNC, Core, Model bundles for Update 02 for Infor CRM(Saleslogix) v8.3.0 contained the following updates:

Prerequisite: No prerequisites except a currently working Infor CRM v8.3.0 environment.
The summary of the fixes are listed below:

Defect Description
– 8402 Contact names that contain umlauts are corrupted after performing a Mail Merge to Letter output to Email.
– 8951 Russian characters are incorrectly translated for automatically populated combo box control.
– 9368 The Sync Server has a memory leak
– 9446 An error occurs when exporting a group to Excel if the Group name contains Cyrillic characters.
– 9472 In the Query Builder, using the IN Condition first causes all other conditions values to be corrupted when the query is saved.
– 9483 Team Names that contain Cyrillic characters are corrupted in the Share Team view.
– 9491 Cyrillic characters in the Owner field are corrupted when exporting records to Microsoft Excel.
– 9713 In the Architect, if a plugin is released to a team with a name that contains Cyrillic characters ,the team name on the Release Plugin- Details” view will contain corrupted characters.
– 9872 In a Russian environment the navigation bar tooltips are corrupted.
– 9874 In a Russian environment the right-click menu items are corrupted.
– 9876 In a Russian environment in the Architect, project names with extended characters are corrupted.
– 9955 Activity Attendee and History Attendee records are not synchronized between host and remote databases.
-10218 In a Russian environment the Contact Find displays corrupted characters.
-10219 In a Russian environment the Query Builder title and group name do not display characters correctly.
-10371 In a Russian environment when creating a new Mail Merge template characters are corrupted.
-10374 In a Russian Architect the Reopen Project list contains corrupted characters.
-10492 In a Russian Windows client the Account detail view Notes/History tab contains truncated labels.
-10493 In a Russian Windows client, the Opportunity Add Product dialog box contains truncated buttons and labels.
-10494 In a Russian Windows client, when importing leads, the “Show all Fields” label and “Unmatch” button text are truncated.
-10586 Updated the Administrator help topic “Setting Outlook Options” to remove the statement that Advanced Outlook Integration (AOI) allows contact synchronization.
-11086 In a localized environment, Infor CRM Windows client forms do not resize unless the Plugin.Company is SalesLogix.
– 5115 In a localized environment, changing the Opportunity status to Closed-Won should cause”Opportunity Closed” to display.
– 5179 During Daylight Saving Time recurring activities start date is an hour later than it is scheduled to start.
– 5773 When the Ticket detail view Journal tab is in the More Tab and the More tabs is dragged to middle pane, the Journal tab overlaps the other tabs.
– 6265 In the Entity Manager Filters tab, adding a filter and clicking OK does not display a prompt as expected.
– 6655 On a detail view, the first record in the Group List is not responsive after selecting a different record from the Recently Viewed list and then selecting the first record from the Group List.
– 6657 On change events run every time you click date controls added to a form preventing users from changing the date.
– 6664 When performing an Update from a list view, users are unable to use the Tab key to access pick list controls.
– 6668 Cannot save attachments with a “+” symbol in the file name.
– 6720 Default Lookup Condition option applies when adding the first condition to a lookup, but is ignored for any additional conditions.
– 7594 Look up controls defined with prefilters do not produce filtered results.
– 7746 Changes made via styleschema do not work with complex controls.
– 7941 In the Sync History list view, sorting the Error Message column causes an error.
– 8003 After editing an existing Pick List item users cannot update the associated Pick list field.
– 8092 Dragging an e-mail from Microsoft Outlook and dropping it on a Notes/History tab records the history item with the current date and time instead of the original date and time.
– 8206 Update Potential Matches will not return accounts with an account name that contains a single number, spaces, or several small words.
– 8609 Use a centralized caching infrastructure in AppIdMappingService instead of a private dictionary.
– 8974 In a CPQ environment, the Warehouse link on the Sales Order and Quote Detail view Products tab should be disabled for configurable products.
– 9534 When a custom ticket group that contains the TICKETASSIGNLIST field as a condition is shared to Everyone, any user other than Admin will receive an error when viewing the group.
– 9670 If an attachment file name contains multiple period, then the attachment description is truncated.
– 9710 When performing a Ticket Lookup based on the CreateUser, the lookup will only return up to 100 named users.
– 9734 On the Back Office detail view Price Services tab, an error occurs when the Valid End Point button is clicked.
– 9815 On the Quote deail view Products tab, changing the quantity of a product has no effect on the Extended Price (Quote) field.
– 9820 In Opportunity Statistics the Weighted Potential Total (Average) is miscalculated.
– 9847 In a localized environment the Quote detail view Status is blank.
– 9851 In a localized environment, the Copy Quote Status is blank.
– 9888 Copy User Profile does not work when the Job Server has Process Isolation mode enabled.
– 9896 Provide a task to refresh prices for quote and sales order products that use a price and availability service.
– 9961 Customization bundles that contain a picklist from version 8.2 cause an install error.
– 9991 An unexpected error in ExecuteMailMerge() occurs when running Mail Merge from within a Sales Process.
– 9999 Converting a quote to a sales order should copy the Payment Terms, Requested By, Carrier, Comments (both header and line), and Customer RFQ in addition to the information that is currently copied.
-10000 The Promote and Get Order Total options should not be available on the detail views of closed quotes and sales orders.
-10001 Promoted quotes and sales orders should no longer be editable.
-10008 Price and availability service should include updated values in the product grid.
-10020 When Outbound on Delete is disabled and a user tries to delete line items a message should display informing the user that Outbound on Delete is disabled.
-10052 (ICBOE) During the initial load of data from the ERP system the process that updates the SYSINBOXSTATUS table and the IOBOX flag that indicates a record was processed can fail with a query timed out error.
-10061 The Application Architect status bar does not show the logged in user.
-10068 When the job service is restarted it should trigger new jobs for jobs that were in process during the restart or crashed.
-10069 (ICBOE) Line items without an ERP Line number should be deleted.
-10073 A standard user cannot change currency for quotes and sales orders.
-10103 Check for existing should be filtering by ObjectName, DBType, and Encoding. That is the unique index on the table.
-10108 (ICBOE) The ERP status should be populated with Approved or Disapproves when the Sync Quote BOD is published.
-10118 (ICBOE) The ValidateCountryCode in the ERPShipmentAddress BOD should point to IERPReceivableAddress instead of IERPShippmentAddress.
-10157 The Entity Manager detail view does not display.
-10162 In a German environment account names are corrupted in the Add Note dialog box.
-10200 (ICBOE) In an M3 integration: the old Unit of Measure is displayed in UOMs list even when SyncItemMaster BOD included an updated UOM code.
-10209 If the First Day of the Week is set to Monday and an activity is scheduled for a Sunday which is the 8th day of the month, the activity will not display on the Calendar.
-10211 When adding a target to a campaign Lead Source cannot be edited.
-10244 (ICBOE) Custom products should not generate a price and availability request.
-10288 Web Client does not function on Chrome version 51.
-10382 (ICBOE) Inbound transactions should be processed when the Outbound txn for that noun does not have status=1.
-10383 (ICBOE) When we have an Outbound txn for a noun has actioncode= Add and status=1 a warning log should be logged to indicate the process will attempt to resend.
-10391 In a German environment the Library view will not load if the Library does not contain files or folders.
-10454 (ICBOE) When a new account entity is created for a back office the Appid’s should not be entered in the SyncDigest table.
-10515 DateTime BOD elements should be UTC based DateTime values.
-10556 (ICBOE) Processing a bulk load causes a “Query timeout expired” exception error in the ION job.
-10689 When checking for duplicates using the potential matching index, it only finds matches on the first word of some fields, such as account or company in leads.
-10692 Upper method in QueryOver queries bypasses indexes in non-Unicode databases.
-10749 Add the Refresh Prices task to the Sales Order and Quote detail views Task Pane.
-10750 The SLXUserService should use ID, not user name.
-10783 (ICBOE) Validation for a promoted account when performing a price and availablity request is not necessary for CustomerPartyID and should be removed.
-10818 In the Application Architect an actions bundle will not apply if the database object table contains lots of records with a null value in an encoding field.
-10830 Unable to delete a lead.
-10957 Creating a sales order from an opportunity does not include the opportunity products unless there is history context which does not occur on the Mobile client.
-11179 (ICBOE) When an account is linked to an ERP system any associated quotes or sales orders cannot be deleted in Infor CRM
– 5975 When you edit an item in a pick list and then click Save & New, the blank “Add item” dialog box should display.
– 6130 If multi currency is enabled, the Sales Order Exchange Rate field does not display the correct rate.
– 8211 When Office Integration is not installed and a user tries to fulfill a literature request the message still says “Saleslogix Desktop Integration”.
– 8693 Opportunity Products Adjusted Price is calculated incorrectly in the Infor CRM Web Client.
– 9054 Add “Configurable” to “Lookup Products” and if a product is not configurable and price and availability is configured for the logical ID, then update the products in the products tab with the item price.
– 9696 Price Service OrderLineTotal should refresh after changing the currency code.
– 9788 On the Quote detail view Discount Charges tab, the add (+) button should be removed.
– 9841 Date/Time fields that are exported to file do not use GMT.UTC date rules.
– 9918 When TLS 1.0 is disabled, then programs that utilize the DotNetSDataClient library will receive the error “SalesLogix.SData.Client.Framework.SDataException error: “The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.”
– 9958 Cloned Price Services BOD Mappings have a method of “GET” instead of “POST”.
-10021 (ICBOE) On the Quote, Sales Order, or Shipment detail view, switching between the Sold To, Bill To, Ship To, or Products tab causes the “You have unsaved data” message to display even though no changes were made.
-10056 (ICBOE) Clicking Get Order Total for quote or sales order with line items should return an error message if the request is rejected.
-10080 Add the pretty key functionality for Opportunity including new AlternateKeyPreffix and AlternateKeySuffix schema and assignment upon record creation.
-10109 The Sales Order detail view Exchange Rate display value should not be rounded.
-10121 Changing the exchange rate for sales order or quotes, the products (line items) should be recalculated with the new exchange rate.
-10131 The Return detail view Ship To tab should include a contact lookup.
-10177 (ICBOE) ERP entities should base values on filter metrics.
-10311 (ICBOE) On the Sales Order detail view the Bill to tab shows the message “We’re sorry, you;ve encountered an error. If applicable, please try again.”
-10541 (ICBOE) Back Office detail view Price Services tab should be able to sort.
-10715 The Sales Order and Quote snapshot totals should include all products when calculating total values.
-10755 The Return Warehouse relationship join should be based upon the SlxLocationID.

We recommend and encourage you to review the update documents to keep abreast of all defects and issues that have been corrected. Contact Simplesoft Solutions to discuss an upgrade for Infor CRM(Saleslogix), and to review any new features or updates with your version of Infor CRM (Saleslogix).

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