Infor CRM formerly Saleslogix Sales Processes and Web Dashboards

If you don’t have a Sales Process, may I ask what’s the hold up?

Last week we had a training session during the Heartland Users Group event that involved implementing a custom sales process and using it to create a custom web dashboard.  Infor CRM™ (Saleslogix) allows custom processes to be created with as many tasks for each stage that is required to fulfill the sales process defined by your company.  We, at Simplesoft, are not an advocate of a particular sales process, but we do enable you to utilize any sales process by showing you how to use the Saleslogix tools.

A defined sales process with specific tasks and timing can increase your closure rate and decrease time to close.  Making that sales process user-friendly is the key to buy-in from sales reps.  That’s where Saleslogix can help.

Initiate the process by defining your goals for each Stage and Step in the process.

Does the sales rep need to send a standard email then follow-up with a phone call 2 days later?  You can schedule that in Saleslogix and it takes the guesswork out of the task.  Include a template with a rollover activity set up directly in the process.  The user just selects the contact; the rest is done for them.

What has just happened?  You have regulated the communications to the customer.  The history is recorded in Saleslogix.  Everyone that touches that account knows which contact has received what communication, and what steps are next.  In other words, control.  If you do not have a user-friendly sales process then your processes are only as good as your salesperson. And this is just ONE step in a sales process.

Enter those processes into the Saleslogix tool in the Architect or the LAN client.  Create as many as you need to fulfill your sales strategy.

Release the Sales Process to users.

Here is a sample sales process with Stages and Steps:

Measure and refine.

On the other end of the process is measurement.  Setting a process in place with specific steps is critical but measuring the success of that process is essential for improving.  You can measure the Saleslogix sales process with the Web Dashboards.

The web dashboard is a tool that utilizes filters. As you build a dashboard widget you choose filters to either group or define the widget display.

With a custom process you have to create a new filter for the dashboard so that the web client will display it on the dashboard widgets.  There are a few steps and we recommend you open the standard (Stages) filter under the Saleslogix Entities to review the settings. Notice: This is not a recommended task for everyone. This is written for experienced developers.

  1. Open Application Architect
  2. Project Explorer>Entity Model>Packages>Saleslogix Application Entities>Opportunity>Filters
  3. Open the STAGE filter and review settings.  Take note of the ORDER of the stages in the current sales process. Review the properties of the filter (‘Analytics Description’ , ‘Available for Analytics’ = True)
  4. Right-Click on the Opportunity Filter folder and ‘Add New’
  5. Enter the fields as needed (similar to the STAGE filter)
  6. Save the filter and you should see it appear in the list under opportunity filters in Application Architect.
  7. Once your items are entered and ready, you will need to do a ctrl build/deploy for the changes to be released to users.
  8. Troubleshooting tips: If the new filter is not showing on your widgets then clear the cache on the browser and/or reset IIS.

If you are interested in more information on Web Dashboard and Sales Processes, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.  The information included in this blog is not intended to be a complete step-by-step process as each dashboard and sales process is unique to each business.

If you would like to discuss upgrading your system, or to see a free demonstration, please contact Simplesoft Solutions.

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