New Saleslogix v8.0 SNC Updates!

Swiftpage has released several updates for Saleslogix v8.0 and we want to make sure you know what they are so you can take action where needed. These updates address reported defects and each update should be evaluated for application to your environment.

The summary of each update is listed below:

SNC Update 06

SNC update 06 also contains the fixes from SNC update 01

Defect Description
13091640: Using certain forbidden characters, such as curly quotes, in the Web Client Query Builder causes the CPU to spike to 100%.
13091668: If using a remote connection to access the Sage Saleslogix Client, when the client is closed, an “SLXProfiling.dll_unloaded” error displays.
13091779: SLXDBEngine.dll crashes a process under certain circumstances when slx_GetSecuredSQL is called.
12090982: On the Offline Web Client, the Sage Job Service cannot run with the local system mapped to the Admin user.
12091150: The SlxProfiler Query Optimizer cannot optimize ORACLE queries in SHARED MODE when HINTS exist in Executed SQL.
12091203: When using OleDbCommandBuilder and DataAdapter to do bulk updates, any update that contains dates in the column list will fail with an overflow issue.

SNC Update 07

Defect Description
13091770: Changes to an Opportunities Probability or Comments do not sync. Error during sync, “2 Transactions failed to apply.”
13091844: Any DateTime field that is parameterized as a string instead of DateTime cause a conversion error in sync when the field is involved in conflict resolution.

SNC Updates 08 and 05 have been replaced by SNC Update 09

SNC Update 09

SNC Update 09 has prerequisites for installation.  SNC Updates 02 and 03 must be installed prior to installing SNC Update 09.

Defect Description
12090399: Mail Merge Reply To option behaves inconsistently.
12091009: In a localized environment, there are corrupted strings, on the Account Detail view Activities tab tooltip.
13091234: A corrupted string error occurs in Calendar Preview when an activity’s Regarding information includes extended characters.
13091227: The AspNetDeploymentAction.AfterDeployment() action does not remove localized versions of Portal.resx.
13091608: Users can set a subsidiary as a parent to the parent account.
13091738: After upgrading from version 7.5.4 to version 8.0, extended characters on Active X forms may be missing.
13091802: Administrator Users list does not sort correctly when a user’s name contains extended characters.
13091836: German extended characters are displaying the incorrect format when used within a Mail Merge.
13091927: Dragging multiple emails, multiple times to the Notes/History tab of same record freezes the data grid.
13092047: SalesLogix Client Calendar month tab displays incorrect date format when regional settings are set to Swedish.
13092061: Multibyte (Korean) characters are corrupted in many places in the SaleslogixClient when using a localized dictionary.
13092113: Multibyte characters in a record name will display as corrupted on the SaleslogixClient title bar.
13092114: Account names with multibyte characters are corrupted in the Associate Account dialog.
13092115: Account names with multibyte characters are corrupted in the Add Contact/Account Information dialog.
13092118: Multibyte username is corrupted in the Literature Request dialog.
13092119: When using Korean localization on the Saleslogix Client, the character for Tuesday is corrupted in Calendar week tab.
13092120: Insert Opportunity Account and Description fields display corrupt characters when the account name contains multibyte characters.
13092121: Contact / Account name is corrupted in title bar of the Complete an Activity dialog when using multibyte characters.
13092122: When contact name or current group is multibyte or cyrillic characters, they are corrupted in the Schedule Process dialog.
13092126: In the Address Labels dialog the Current Record or Current Group fields display non-Latin1 characters incorrectly.
13092127: Exception error displays when attempting to create a new sales process with a multibyte name.
13092152: When the Saleslogix Client is localized in a multibyte language, an erroroccurs when inserting a new opportunity
13092157: When attempting to edit a user with a multibyte character name in the Administrator, the following error occurs “Error initializing form: Access violation at address 005B7520 in module ‘Admin.exe’. Read of address 000000F4.”
13092158: When attempting to release a new Sales Process consisting of multibyte characters, the following error occurs “Exception EOleException: OLE error 8004277A Exception location: [005BC0ED]{Saleslogix.exe} IsBrandingEnabled.”
13092161: Multibyte characters, such as Korean, are corrupted in the popup that displays when the user mouses over an activity (either in a tab view or calendar).
13091350: Enable Windows 2012 Server support.
13091516: Force Delphi to allocate memory on the heap in a thread protected way when the IsMultiThread global variable is set to True.
12091101: Date Literal value “dateadd(hh,-12,getdate()) ,GETDATE()” causes errors when used as a condition in Query Builder.
13091557: Adding an Attachment from Recent places in the Saleslogix Client adds a shortcut to the top level of the path and does not allow the user drill down to select a file
13091816: Enable Office 2013 support.

SNC Update 10 has been replaced by SNC Update 13

SNC Update 13

SNC Update 13 has prerequisites for installation.  SNC Updates 02, 03, and 09 must be installed prior to installing SNC Update 13.

Defect Description
13091271: In a French or German environment, extended characters in the Notes field of the Create Note for Activity Pad view are corrupted.
13092304: A username with Korean characters is corrupted in the Sales Client status bar.
13092607: In Query Builder, Select Value dialog box may return duplicate entries for any user other than Admin.
13092626: Group condition value is blank when editing group conditions for an existing group in a specific order.
13093469: In the Replace Data tool, Search and Replace does not handle extended character properly.
12088788: For users of Office 2010, the threshold for exporting records using Export to Excel is now 200,000 + records.
13091210: In some localized environments, the tooltips on Calendar page timeless activities appear to be corrupted.
13092156: In a localized environment, Admin groups are corrupted when the admin is logged on as ADMIN and schedules a sales process.
13092178: In a Korean localized environment, the Lead Source lookup does not appear to work anywhere in the Saleslogix client.
13092179: In a localized environment, there is corrupted text in the drop down list when adding targets to campaign from group.
13092258: In a localized environment, extended characters are corrupted in the Calendar Reports Overflow dialog.
13092264: An exception error displays when sharing a group.
13092303: In a Korean localized environment, there may be corrupted characters in Query Builder.
13092392: When sending email from the Saleslogix Windows Client using SendSLX, Unicode characters do not display correctly.
13092617: In a Russian localized environment, an error occurs after clicking in the Saleslogix Windows Client Activities View Confirmations tab.

SNC Update 14

SNC Update 14 has prerequisites for installation.  SNC Updates 02, 03, and 09 must be installed prior to installing SNC Update 14.

Defect Description
13092548: Cyrillic characters do not display when adding a team.
13093480: In a German environment, extended characters do not display correctly when adding a team.
13093490: In the Architect, extended characters in Plugin families do not display correctly.

We recommend and encourage you to review the update documents to keep abreast of all defects and issues that have been corrected.  Contact Simplesoft Solutions to discuss an upgrade for Saleslogix, and to review any new features or updates with Saleslogix v8.0.

If you would like to discuss upgrading your system, or to see a free demonstration, please contact Simplesoft Solutions.

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