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Enterprise Application Integration
Companies are always looking for ways to lower costs, increase efficiencies across the enterprise, and realize a greater return on investment from their software initiatives. First and foremost, we believe software is a tool to help support business processes. By integrating core applications together across the enterprise, along with the business processes between those applications, our customers are able to streamline those processes and experience the efficiencies and reduced operating costs that they expect and require to remain competitive... More...


Infor ION (Intelligent Open Network)
Intelligent Open Network (ION) operates as overlapping, interconnected domains that are layered on top of one another, with each domain maintaining synchronized, cross-functional interactivity with all other components. Infor ION includes; workflows and events, 3rd party application connections, business processes, automated approvals, document vaults... More...


BPA Platform

BPA Platform enables you to automate processes and integrate business systems quickly and easily. Its innovative drag and drop technology removes the need for coding to ensure your business achieves its true potential with minimal effort... More...


Inaport for Infor CloudSuite CRM

Inaport maximizes and leverages your Infor CloudSuite CRM system through comprehensive data transformation and integration. Easy and efficient to use, Inaport enables Infor CloudSuite CRM users to import and export data so that it can be creatively manipulated, organized, completed, and de-duplicated for consolidated enterprise data... More...


Scribe for Infor CloudSuite CRM
Seamlessly Migrate Data into Infor CloudSuite CRM
Applications are only as useful as the information they contain. Scribe Insight for Infor CloudSuite CRM will help you populate your Infor CloudSuite CRM system with all your critical customer data, regardless of the source... More...

  1. Migrate data into Infor CloudSuite CRM from contact managers like Act!, Goldmine, and Outlook
  2. Migrate data into Infor CloudSuite CRM from existing CRM applications like Siebel and
  3. Migrate data into Infor CloudSuite CRM from legacy systems


Starfish for Infor CloudSuite CRM
StarfishETL is a powerful iPaaS (integration platform as a service) and migration solution, offering dynamic low code connections to more than 100 business applications including CRM, ERP, QuickBooks, social media, email, marketing automation, collaboration tools, and direct-to-transactional data stores. Customers can utilize their... More...


"Infor CloudSuite CRM has given Gosiger a competitive edge in our industry and strengthened the relationship and credibility we have with our machine builders. It has simplified and streamlined the quoting process and eliminated thousands of unproductive hours from our business."


- Pete Haley, Managing Partner
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