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Infor CRM SLX Technical Skills
CRM Swiftpage Act! Infor CRM SLX (formerly Saleslogix) At Simplesoft, we believe training is not a tedious and final phase of CRM deployment, but rather it is an engaging and ongoing communication of product knowledge and key business practices to all your team members, even after deployment. Our approach is different because it is built around how your company will use Infor CRM SLX.

Please review a sample Quick Card for Account Management that is developed for each client based on their internal usage of Infor CRM SLX.

Quick Card for Account Management Sample

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Training Flexibility:
  1. Traditional classroom training (off-site or on-site)
  2. Train the trainer programs
  3. One on one web sessions
  4. Group web sessions
  5. Customized self-paced modules
  6. Customized training workbooks

My Life in Infor CRM SLX Basics
This is a 4 hour end-user course for new users of Infor CRM SLX to equip them for everyday use.

My Life in Infor CRM SLX Basics Plus
This 4 hour end user course conducted 60 - 90 days after implementation of Infor CRM SLX as a follow-up to the basics course - includes customer-specific, business process training and exercises.

Administering & Maintaining Infor CRM SLX in your Organization
This is a 9 hour course conducted in (3) 3-hour sessions using a one-on-one format to prepare the administrator of Infor CRM SLX for on-going success within your organization.

Infor CRM SLX Advanced Topic Series
This series will be taught in 2 or 4 hour sessions to cover very specific business usage requirements and modules within Infor CRM SLX.

  1. Introduction to Infor CRM SLX Development
  2. Marketing Made Easy
  3. Mail Merge & Templates
  4. Support Module


"Infor CRM SLX has given Gosiger a competitive edge in our industry and strengthened the relationship and credibility we have with our machine builders. It has simplified and streamlined the quoting process and eliminated thousands of unproductive hours from our business."


- Pete Haley, Managing Partner
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  • Custom Software Development
  • End-user and System Admin Training
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