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We find many companies have very well designed manual processes to support their organization and designing them within a CRM tool like Infor CloudSuite CRM is quite simple. Some organizations have very defined processes that involve disparate systems with multiple silos of data where Infor CloudSuite CRM can bring everything together.

Would you like to reduce or eliminate manual processes, redundant data entry, disparate systems, and multiple silos of data?

Read about the Top Ten Benefits of CRM or contact Simplesoft. Regardless of the state of your business processes we follow these steps to work with your organization to create efficiencies in Infor CloudSuite CRM.

  1. Document Current Business Process
  2. Collect Additional Requirements from User Groups
  3. Finalize Business Process
  4. Prototype CRM Design
  5. Review Prototype with User Group
  6. Final Design Approval


"Infor CloudSuite CRM has given Gosiger a competitive edge in our industry and strengthened the relationship and credibility we have with our machine builders. It has simplified and streamlined the quoting process and eliminated thousands of unproductive hours from our business."


- Pete Haley, Managing Partner
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